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2023-07-11 06:54:17

How to Cook Asian Sticky Rice on a Stove Top Oven by Omma's Kitchen

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Hi , everyone .

Welcome to Emma's kitchen today .

I'll be sharing how to cook Asian sticky rice and how to preserve and freeze the rice a couple of times .

I four cups of water just have this .

Uh I see .

Put the heat on and put it on a full heat and come back until I spoiled .

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OK .

Rice is being cooked .

So we're gonna lower the heat to medium height .

You don't want the water to boil over .

So you do it this way a little bit and so that you won't boil over the rice is almost half the liquids are all done .

Put them in a lower heat and then let it steam .

OK ?

I've been cooking the rice for 20 minutes .

You can cook it a little bit longer too if you want to .

And you could , as long as you put the heat on a low heat , it's all right .

Now , I'm gonna show you how to preserve the rice on a refrigerator or even on a freezer .

Actually .

Now , with this one , you have to remember to preserve it right after you make you cook the rice .

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So I have a Ziploc freezer bag and I'll be putting it and the Ziploc plastic , why you just cook some of them that you're not gonna eat , just preserve it .

Usually what I do is I make enough for two people .

I actually freeze enough for two people .

Two servings .

Well , our family eat a lot .

So , um , let me show you how to put this thing .

See how I put it in here like this .

Now , I'm gonna close , close the lid , take out the air lock it , use it in .

You need to actually smooth it out a little bit like that .

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See , that's how you preserve the rice .

And then when it gets cooled down , just put it back in the freezer .

And when it's time to eat the dinner , take it out and put them in a microwave oven and cook for six minutes and it's perfectly done .

It depends on your microwave oven though .

If your microwave oven is a little smaller , you may have to cook seven minutes , but at least six minutes .

No , what I'm doing is , oh , I also cook the rice on a rice cooker .

It cooks about the same time and it's telling me that my rice in a rice cooker is done too .

So I'm gonna actually show you how that looked like , oh , wow .

I didn't burn the rice .

That's because I put them on a lower heat not to like you don't wait until the last minute .

Otherwise you burned the rice .

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So actually I don't , I didn't cook , I didn't burn any rice at all .

So it looks pretty good .

Show you how to preserve it .

Got it .

Take out all the extra air , suck it up and I let it sit on the countertop and let it all cool down .

See , I didn't burn it .

Wow .

If you burn the bottom would show brown color but it doesn't show any brown colors .

So now , normally my daughters , like , I'm gonna leave this much and I'm gonna actually literally burn the rice in a medium heat and I'm gonna make it look golden color .

What I'll be doing it with is I'm gonna make a porridge with it and just use it after you eat the rice .

We put the hot water , we , we burn the rice and we pour the hot water and cook it and then just like to eat it that way .

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So I'm gonna put the heat in about medium and let this thing get burned .

Thank you for watching this video .

If you like this video , please subscribe to my youtube channel and Facebook .

I'd love to hear from .


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