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2023-07-10 08:42:53

Rib Eye Steak. How to cook_pan fry a thick steak at home.

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It's me .

I at the barbecue house today , uh , restaurant , I go on with Tony .

So before I show you how to select your rib bite , I'm gonna show you how to cook the rib bite .

So first what we're gonna do , you see this piece here ?

Same piece as we had before .

We're gonna cut off about an inch and a half .

That's a nice steak .

I don't like to have my steaks too thin because otherwise they dry out .

What we're gonna do here is a nice chunk .

Look at this here .

This is fantastic meat .

Look at that .

This is what we want here .

So , what we're gonna do here is trim off the fat , just a little bit of fat .

We're gonna re trim it again .

And after we're gonna use this to cook our steak , it's gonna be the oil for a steak .

So we're gonna put this aside in a pan .

There you go .

And then we're gonna put the steak in the other pan and we're gonna move to the other station .

I'm gonna teach you how to cook the steak .

I'll see you in a second .

So we're at the range right Now , I'm gonna show you how to cook steak and thickness .

Now , remember thicker is better .

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So , remember we have this , uh , fat here that we trimmed up .

We gonna use it as so our , our steak , if you use like normal vegetable oil , it's gonna burn out .

If you use butter , the butter is gonna burn out .

This is a thick steak .

So we need to take some time .

You see gonna make a little bit of smoke here , gonna turn the , turn the fire down .

You go , you want some smoke but not too much smoke .

All right .

So you see here our meat is all grilled .

It's all like brownish .

The pan is well off .

We're gonna take it as side .

Then we're gonna take our steak .

We're gonna see it .

Pepper .

Not too much .

Not too little some salt .

There you go .

And then we're gonna sear on shake in and here we go .

A proper thick steak is when you sear , you leave it in a pan and you don't touch it .

You count about a minute per side .

Remember my fire at me ?

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We're not too hot , but we want to see the smoke here .

This is perfect .

If it smokes too much mean something is burning .

This is not what we want .

So remember at the same time while this is searing , we can see the other side of the steak here .

Now you're gonna ask me why a thick cut of steak the reason is , is when you can fry it or when you do it on the grill , it's gonna keep its blood on the inside .

If you do too thin , the steak dries up every time you're at home , you have a steak that's dried up because it's too thin .

You can't let it rest .

You can't let the juice out on the steak .

You see here , I want to touch it .

I really want to touch it , but I'm not touching it .

If I touch it , the sear is not gonna be perfect .

It's gonna take you how to make 30 seconds .

The other reason why I have like a , a thicker cut like this to get more flavor .

All the fat in the middle of the rib eye is gonna melt slowly and get it different layers of flavor .

It's gonna be super awesome .

All right , we're about here one minute now .

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Remember at home , you know , with the pan , make sure you check your stuff .

All right .

So we're about a minute .

Let's flip it .

Make sure there's some oil everywhere .

Then we reflect it .

Look at this here .

This is the color you want .

You see all this fat here and this is all caramelized here s melting .

Nice and slow .

It's gonna make a delicious steak .

This is what you want .

Do not put the fire too hot .

Otherwise you're just gonna further the outside and then the inside won't be cooked .

You're like why is my steak cold .

Why is it ?

Too rare ?

What we're looking here for is a medium rare to medium .

The best way to get a , you can do revise medium well , but they're going to get tougher and tougher .

It's not a state designed to be done , like super well done or medium , well done .

You see again , here , some smoke coming out .

Not too much , just a little layer of smoke .

I want to touch it again .

I really want to touch it again , but I'm not ready yet .

It's just going to wait maybe another 30 seconds .

And after that , we're going to flip it on the side .

Apparently , we have a little camera problem .

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We're back here only two seconds more .

So now our sear is almost ready .

So what we're gonna do is grab the steak from under and then we're gonna sear the top layer of fat .

Just hold it like this for maybe 30 seconds .

45 seconds .

We wanna make sure all seared properly .

Here we go .

Ok .

It looks awesome .

Now , the next step we're gonna do , I'm gonna put this steak down for a second size .

Is it ?

Here we go .

We're gonna pick up the steak and now we're gonna let it rest on the grill .

There you go .

See , that's here .

That's perfect .

So , what we're gonna do now , we're gonna let it rest for at least six minutes .

You can't , don't worry about letting it rest too long six minutes , eight minutes , 10 minutes is perfect .

So we want to do is let the juice settle inside .

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And then after that , we're gonna show you what to do after 608 minutes catch you in a second .

Our steak is seared for about 7 to 8 minutes more to eight minutes side .

Now , what we can do , remember this fat we had before .

Now we're going to it very , very hard .

So I got a pan here .

It's very hard .

You see fire about me , maybe a little bit more .

We're gonna put it inside .

We gonna leave it there and we gonna cover it .

It's gonna take about 30 seconds .

What we want to do is make the fat so crispy , it's like a Canadian bacon or , or something like that .

So maybe my too much smoke here and turn it down a little bit .

There you go .

Yeah .

So like I was saying , I want the fat super crispy .

So in addition to your steak , it's gonna be super tender and delicious .

You gotta piece the fat that you would normally throw in the garbage or not need to leave on the and then you know you're gonna get this , you get two different flavors out of it .

So I think we're about soon gonna be ready .

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Let's just leave it there , let it close and make sure it's all , it's all melting , nice and finished .

I can put this aside .

All right , we're good here .

Hoping I , again , we're gonna cover for another maybe 30 to 45 seconds .

This is a fast operation .

You're gonna see , I'm gonna use another pan to finish , to cook on the steak .

And here I have half enough butter and water melted together .

The reason is , is when are we going to put this in the pan ?

The stay back in the pan , you put just butter , it's gonna burn out .

If we do this , the butter is not gonna burn out and then we can re sear our steak fish with something here , but that's ready .

I also have a chunk of butter that we gonna use after to butter the steak .

It's gonna give it super crisp , super caramelized .

It's gonna be awesome .

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And then we're gonna finish it with a break of rosemary at the end to give the final touch on top of a multi layer in our steak .

Very , very simple .

I think we're about ready here .

Right .

Yeah , I think so .

Go see what happened .

Invest you know .

Oh Look at that .

So beautiful .

And here .

So the pan is still hot so we can move this on the side here and then move our pan .

Let this go on the side here .

We're gonna raise the volume that we gonna raise the temperature a little bit here .

Make it warm .

And like I said , our butter and our water , we're gonna drop it in the pan right there .

Sure .

The entire pan is oil and then we're gonna drop our steak each side here .

You see , we're gonna grab it , just bring it over bubbly and we drop this thing here .

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I'm gonna raise the temperature a little bit in the water because there you go .

And then this is gonna go very , very fast .

We're talking about 30 to 45 seconds .

It's not hard enough .

There you go .

So let's do that .

Let's do as you can see , my time is not smoking .

Too much .

Resist the urge of touching the state don't touch it .

You're gonna see it here .

Yeah , I think that's ok here .

Don't touch it .

Don't be like I did about maybe another 20 seconds I think mostly make sure you got good ventilation at home .

Yeah .

All right .

Thank you .

We can move to way .

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I'm gonna drop my butter in and then we're gonna butter .

Nice pictures of butter .

All right .

You see the butter is probably now and then we eat butter ice .

All right .

Then we're gonna add our strip inside as well to get the flavor .

There you go .

And then we just butter , butter rice .

I call this butter right in there .

I don't know if they're real actually .

Right in here .

I said a little .

So here we go on , on , on , there we go .

Ok .

So the party is gonna be fantastic .

I think we're about ready here .

Two more seconds , we stop the fire we're not .

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Then we've got to put it on the board here like this .

Just fantastic stay .

So I'm gonna grab it knife and my tongue .

Look at the color of it , look at it .

It's beautiful and now I'm gonna slice it just to show you what happened on the inside , right ?

So here's the first slice .

There you go .

And let's slice again .

Look at the interior of the steak .

You see the layers of cooking inside .

That's a double cooking technique .

Actually , you see the outside is all nice and crisp .

The inside is maybe medium to a little bit more medium rare and , and it's gonna melt in your mouth .

So I'm gonna wrap this off .

Actually , I'm gonna slice it .

I'm gonna eat it after .

So I'll catch you in a second .

I'm just gonna , and everything and then I'll show it to you .

Thanks .


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