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2023-07-08 09:09:36

Cook Steak In A Pan, Easy, Simple, Fast - Based on Jamie Oliver & Gordon Ramsay

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Today in Garden Fork , learn how to cook a really great steak in a fry pan on your stovetop .

Stay tuned everyone .

I'm Eric Rao .

Welcome to Garden Fork Cooks today .

I'm gonna show you how to cook this , this the steak .

You know , and there's , I think there's some trepidation there .

A lot of people how to get it perfect , how to do it .

Right .

There's so many different ways .

I'm gonna show you how to cook this thing in a pan on your stovetop , on a week night .

All right , here we go .

First .

This is not a large stick .

A lot of the cooking shows .

You see these really thick steaks and they talk about the different ways to cook it .

This one what ?

It's maybe an , and , and I went to the store and they didn't have the thick ones .

I mean , by and large , a lot of the steaks at your grocery store are going to be like this .

This is a boneless , uh , steak ones with the bone work the same way .

All right .

The biggest thing here is I keep this in the fridge and I salt it .

Ok .

All right .

For the salting .

I like a coarse salt .

You can use what you want .

If you got the , the finer salt , use what you got both sides .

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There is debate about whether your steak should be warm or cold before you cook it .

Thin steaks like this I think are best cold .

And we'll explain more about that when we throw it in a hot blazing pan .

But we've got this salted , put this back in your fridge ideally for like a half an hour .

But whatever time you have , that's what you have .

Ok ?

If you're really pressed for time , put the steak in the freezer for 10 minutes , that'll work .

Do you like steak ?

Yes .

As you can see , I don't have a range hood or a vent over my stove and when you cook steak , when you cook meats on a hot pan in your house , you know what happens .

So smoke alarms all go off .

I've got a solution for that box fan .

Box fan upside down .

So the controls are at the bottom .

This goes like this .

This goes like this .

Use this information your own risk .

Ok ?

This is not like OSHA approved or anything but oh , I gotta get to the knot .

Hold on and on .

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High time to cook .

This stove has a power burner .

It's called , it's a bigger burner than usual .

But use what you got .

This is on high cast iron ideally or one of these kind , which is what I use .

You want to heat this puppy up hot .

Hot means hot .

Ok .

So what is hot ?

That's not hot enough when you can't hold your hand here .

That's hot .

Put in a couple of gloves of a high heat vegetable oil .

We let that heat up .

It's just starting to smoke .

Two minutes .

Don't turn it , just leave it right there .

So thin steaks cook very fast , which is why I put it in the fridge so that the interior of it doesn't get overdone .

And how we're gonna test it is by touching the meat .

Well , I got on my hands here but much like the inside of your thumb here .

That little part right there .

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That's the softness we want of the meat after we turn it .

Ok , fire is good .

It's cooking my pan is working two things of butter .

See , I'm pressing it there .

That's , that's done up there .

This is almost done when this both sides are done .

Tilt your gravy or tilt your sauce into the edge and cook the fat edge of the steak in there .

Gotta be more flavor .

Flavor is good .

Fat means flavor .

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Hey , real quick .

We have more how to cook steak videos .

The link is below here including one about how to cook frozen steak .

Cool , nice medium , not overdone .

Not bad .

Huh ?

Weeknight dinner Magic fan .

That's really good .

We put out shows every week if you want to subscribe , subscribe button right there .

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At the end of the show , you can do this simple steak .

It's not a big thick one .

Just cook it fast .

Keep it cold , salt butter done .

All right .

Go out to cool stuff .

Come back and tell me comments and questions right below here .

See you .


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