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2023-07-10 09:19:59

Rice porridge – How to cook Cantonese porridge (the traditional way)

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Making a good Cantonese rice porridge require patience and the right techniques .

This video will show you how to prepare the silt and most comforting Cantonese style porridge .

The porridge should be silky smooth and creamy .

The rice greens are burst open like popcorns .

Let's take a look how to prepare the rice porridge to begin with .

I got some chicken bone from the door which is about 1.5 kg .

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So here are the steps was the chicken bone to remove any debris and dirt place the chicken bone in a stock pot , add to cold water sufficient to submerge all the bones and then heat up the water until it starts to boil .

Once it is boiled , reduce the heat and simmer on your stovetop for one hour and stir occasionally .

Scheme of the come on the surface from time to time .

This step can help to obtain a clean stock after an hour .

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That's how it looks like the water should have extracted all the flavor from the bone , remove the bone , pour the chicken stock pass through the wire mass trainer .

Not exactly exactly .

Then pour it into another pot by going through the wire mesh train again .

But this time this cut the sediments at the bottom .

No clean the rice by rinsing it twice with plenty of water .

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Yeah , unless the rice is dirty , do not rinse the rice too many times until the water runs clear .

Try to retain as much starch as possible as it will help to thicken the porridge , soak the rice with water for 1 to 3 hours .

Now it's time to cook the porridge .

Bring the chicken broth to a boil , add the rice into the liquid , then keep stirring to prevent the rice from sticking to the bottom .

Let it boil this way for about 10 minutes .

The rice will expand and start to turn soft .

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This is how it looks like after 10 minutes , add a salted egg which is optional .

Cut the century egg into tiny pieces , virtually mince it , I'll add one century egg to the porridge .

Century egg is alkaline .

It helps to disintegrate the rice quickly to form a smooth and creamy texture .

The use of century eight is optional omitted .

If you are not a fan of it , you need to simmer the porridge for a longer time to achieve the same silky texture .

If you do not use it after that , reduce the heat to the lowest possible so that the porridge is barely void .

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This is when you see the small bubbles are popping up here and there , but it is not boiling vigorously .

Continue simmering at this stage for the next 1 to 2 hours stir occasionally to avoid the porridge from sticking to the bottom .

The porridge will become thicker at times goes by and more frequent stirring is necessary to prevent it from sticking .

This is how it looks like now , about 20 minutes from the starting point after the salter egg is cooked , remove it and use it as part of the ingredients .

Later cut the ginger into Julian .

It is so much easier if you use the Japanese Mandarin to slice it first before you cut it into strips .

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While we are waiting for the porridge to get ready .

Let's get ready .

All the toppings .

So here we have the salter egg that we have just cooked the shredded ginger , the chopped scallion and this is a white pepper .

We're gonna use some sesame oil and the light soy sauce .

This is how the polish looks like after 60 minutes and it start to get thicker and thicker .

I'll keep the seasoning to the minimum .

I only use salt to season and leave the customer to add any additional ingredients such as shredded ginger Scadian ground white pepper , sesame oil or like soy sauce .

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Oh , a tablespoon of salt to this pot of porridge , which consists of 250 g of rice and 3.7 liters of chicken broth .

At the end of the cooking , it will reduce to about three liters and the saltiness is just rice .

This is how it looks like after 100 and 20 minutes and it is done .

The texture is silky smooth and the rice grains are burst open like a popcorn .

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This is how I prepare the traditional Cantonese porridge .

You can download the recipe and read more details about that taste Asian food dot com , rice porridge .

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You'll find there are many more of the similar video out there .

Until then I will see you again .

My name is Kuan .

Bye for now .


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