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2023-07-10 08:53:49

Play Piano - Hanon Exercise No. 1 - The Basics

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Welcome , welcome , welcome .

We just got back from teaching .

But this is hand in exercise .

Number one , this is middle C .

We're going to move down and we'll show you the right hand .

So we stuck with the right hand when octave blow metal C .

So this is C and what we're gonna do is play the first finger on C and O .

The second thing on E just play the rest of the fingers out coming down .

Then play D then E F .

See what I'm doing when I come down , I just play that and then skip that .

I'm skipping skin .

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See , this is the secret .

No one talks about this right hand .

No one gets it .

A when you get , play the B , get ready to turn around , then you skip with the pork wing .

See what I'm doing .

But you're supposed to play it in time .

OK ?

Other than playing this exercise since I was 4.5 years old and I continued to do it .

No one talks about this .

This is the reality I'm giving you truth .

Then went to a and repeat it again .

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If you can't play hand in exercise number one , this exercise is for a beginner , intermediate and advanced , advanced students should transpose it to the other keys .

You know , I'm coming out .

Me , I haven't and I play and raise the fingers high , slow it down and exercise .

Number one , you'll be playing this throughout your lifetime .

If you're serious about your piano music in the left hand , it starts the right hand started there .

The left hand starts one octave .

We go 54 .

Skipping .

Bye .

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See , look at skipping .

You see the pattern .

You take the rest of the notes out , skipped now to speed .

Skip .

See , try to see change separately .

I guarantee that if you do this for a week , you'll be a different player .

I don't care if you're a beginner , intermediate or advanced .

When you playing , you'll be strong .

I see .

Repeat it .

So when you get to eight , if you can .

So when you practice both hands separately , then you take both hands together .

OK ?

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So for the sake of time , I'm gonna show you then you start beginner .

Just take your time .

This is the secret .

Now , all of these other online programs don't talk about it because they don't want to scare you .

But it's very easy because you practice .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Can you imagine me playing 4.5 ?

What I want this ?

See you got a second .

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It was sloppy and slow it down .

You must have stamina in your fingers to play .

Of course .

Oh , I've seen lots of videos .

Oh , play in a flash ?

Oh , all you have to do is play a cord in your left hand and play the melody in your right .

Yes .

That's if you can execute it .

If you have enough finger strength to play it .

I'm telling you guys , this is the truth about p I'm not .

Excuse me , I'm telling you the truth .

No one talks about it .

Hand and exercise .

I don't care if you just play now for the intermediate in my advanced students .

Now play it in D flat .

If you know the D flat scale , play it in D , same finger and that was D flat .

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D , then you continue .

OK ?

But all you have to , don't even worry about the other scales .

If you just work on C and again , if you do this and repeat this about 20 times , you will be .


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