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2023-07-08 09:18:00

How to cook a well done steak induction cooktop

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What's up youtube ?

This is cooking with Doug .

I just whipped out my induction cooktop and I'm gonna make me a steak .

I'm gonna go ahead and wash the steak real quick and dry it off .

All right .

Now we're gonna take some virgin oil , pour it into this little plate and I'm going to base both sides with a little bit of oil .

Now , all I'm gonna do is simply add some black pepper .

I wanna do this to both sides , some garlic powder .

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Of course , you can use whatever one you want .

Nothing specific .

Some onion powder and some sea salt .

I'm not gonna do too much of that and just remember both sides .

All right .

Grab my induction pan .

Right .

I'm gonna put my heat up to about 4 20 or I guess on my 4 30 .

All right , I'm gonna put my steak in .

Let that rock for about six minutes .

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All right , I gave it a clip .

I did it for about five minutes .

All right .

This is my well done steak guys .

I'm gonna let it rest for about 10 minutes .

I was gonna see what they do .

Oh , and that's the other side .

Just in case you want to see it smells yummy though .

Now , don't , don't forget guys .

I mean , I like my steaks .

Well done .

I know some of you like there .

No , I like my steaks .

Well done .

I like to see it .

Well done .

I don't see no blood .

Sorry .

All right , about 10 minutes has passed .

So let's cut into it and see what we got .

Let's see .

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Ok , I gotta get some better knives guys , but this is what it looks like , guys .

No pink .

Now that's how I like it .

Well done .

This was done in what ?

10 minutes ?

They're about five minutes aside .

Now guys , I would probably not 4 30 maybe I'll do 4 30 to see it for like the first minute and then drop it down to like um 3 20 for the rest of the minute .

That would , that's what I would suggest .

I think it would cook it just the same .

So I don't mind the burn marks but if you don't , I will do that do 4 30 for about a minute , then drop it down to 3 30 for the four minutes .

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So do six minutes aside but just do one minute at 4 30 then 3 30 for the five minutes each side .

Most importantly , guys , let's take a bite .

Yeah .

Juicy .

Mm .

Yeah , it's not tough .

But I know when I cook my , when I , when I make my uh steaks in the oven , the way I make it , it's much more tender , but this is spot on 10 minutes .

So there you have it well done steak on your induction cooktop .

Thanks for watching .

Just cooking with dough .


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