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2023-07-08 09:16:07

Cooking Steak on the Weber Q1200

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Hey guys , I got a new grill to try out .

So Weber Q 200 gas grill .

So let's kick the tire and light the fire .

I just got this , so I haven't tried it out yet .

You can get these in all different colors .

These grills sell for $199 .

And then I bought the stand for it .

That's another $70 .

And then I bought the hose so I can hook it to a 20 gallon propane tank .

But also you can run it on the little , the little cylinders , the little £1 bottles .

But so it costs about $300 with everything .

So just open it up , it has these shelves that fold out and these grates , the grill grates are cast iron .

They're heavy .

So I'm thinking they ought to hold the heat pretty nice .

I have a chuck steak .

I'm going to try cooking on it .

So , um , see if I can figure out how to light this thing .

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I think it's pretty simple .

You just turn the gas on and hit this little button here .

There we go .

Put the lid down and let that warm up and I'll go inside and grab that steak .

My temperature is up to about 400 degrees there .

So we'll open this up and this is a £1.3 beef .

Chuck steak .

Well , it says chuck roast , but looks just kind of like a thick steak to me .

So I seasoned it with some kosher salt and Johnny seasoned pepper last night and just stuck it in the fridge .

So I'm just gonna cook that directly like that .

We get the lid closed and we'll see how this goes .

This has been on there for about five minutes .

So let's take a peek at it here .

I have the fire turned all the way up to high .

So let's see if we're getting any grill marks on there .

Oh , yeah .

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This would give it a little turn here .

All right .

Let it go that way for a few minutes .

It's been about five more minutes .

So 10 minutes total .

Let's take a look at it .

It's smelling pretty darn good .

All right .

Oh , yeah .

Ok .

We'll get the lid back down about five minutes on that side .

So about 15 minutes total .

I'm going to check the temperature of this thing and it's about 1 12 right there , 170 180 right there .

134 133 .

You know , I'm going to get that off of there .

It's kind of kind of an uneven thickness .

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So I don't want to overcook it I usually shoot for about 130 degrees .

That's usually the way I like it .

So I'm going to take it off and let it rest for a minute and we'll cut into that baby .

Let's cut into this thing and see how it turned out .

Brand new grill .

So I'm not expecting it to be perfect .

It takes a little time to get used to a new grill .

Although that actually looks pretty good .

Let's see here .

Slice a piece off .

Wow .

Not bad .

Let's see how this tastes that turned out really good .

Actually , Chuck steaks are pretty good grill like that .

If you get one that doesn't have too much fat in it .

So , pretty happy with that .

I think this little grill is going to work out good .

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It's just me now since my wife died .

So sometimes I don't feel like messing with charcoal .

I'll still use my kettle sometimes , but I think this is going to be a nice handy little grill to have as well .

I'll put the link to Amazon down below if anybody wants to take a look at it .

Thanks for watching .

I'll talk to you guys next time .


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