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2023-07-09 14:08:27

Aligue Pasta

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We're gonna add all our other veg into it with the sauce before we finally uh add our pasta which is almost done basil last minute .

I'm good to go .

Alright .

Our pass is ready .

Pull it out , don't worry about the water too much into the pot toss through .

Oh , I've really done a number this time .

Make this easier for myself .

I'm gonna add another little drizzle of olive oil , get old basil in there .

Likewise , if it's starting to look like it's really dry , add a little bit of olive oil , a little bit of your pasta water .

This isn't like a really saucy pasta though .

It's um you know , pretty light .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's kind of um you know , it reminds me of summer for some reason this pasta , time to play it up , finish it with a little bit of fresh palm , other drill of olive oil .

But why not ?

Then you have it .

It's incredible how much flavor you can pull out of a few simple ingredients you got in your pantry .

So there you have a three week night passes that'll take less than half an hour to pull together , easily , feel free to use whatever pasta you want .

If you seal it out , use gluten free .

And if you're after any other midweek ideas , then check out this video where I run through three chicken ideas in under 20 minutes .

I think it is like this video .

If you took anything from it , subscribe if you're not and we'll see you next week for another recipe .

Mhm .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Then I that is a similar lastly mixed seafood squid , no crab , no shrimp , no mussels and then measurements ingredients .


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