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2023-07-09 14:19:57

How To Cook White Rice Easy Simple

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And today we're taking a look at how to cook white rice , easy and simple .

And this is so simple .

Anyone could do everything that we use on the video .

We're going to leave a link on the description .

The first thing that we want to do is get our pan or pot in our stove .

And what you want to make sure is that you have a pan or pot with a lid .

Our first two ingredients are optional but they're going to provide a better taste for the rice .

The first ingredient is one teaspoon of oil or you can use a teaspoon of butter .

Our second ingredient is our seasoning and that would be one teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon .

It's going to be according to one cup of rice , uncooked .

Meaning if you're going to cook two cups of uncooked rice , then you would need two teaspoons of salt .

If you plan to season your rice afterwards , then you can skip adding the salt .

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Our third is water .

And what we want to add is the same equivalent in cups of rice in water plus an additional half a cup .

So if we have one cup of rice , then we're gonna add one cup and a half of water .

If we have two cups of rice , then we're gonna add 2.5 of water to be more accurate .

You want to use a liquid measuring cup .

But you know us at the Stata Box team eyeballing it is the way to go .

We're going to go ahead and place the stove on high and wait for the water to come to a boil .

We can take this time to take the star of the show on a night out .

And that would be to the faucet to get cleaned .

In this case , we're using one cup of rice .

This technique works for any amount that you want to cook .

We can go ahead and wash the rice until the water runs clear at the end of the day .

This is optional .

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If you don't want to wash the rice , you don't have to , you're still gonna have great flavor and you know , you are the king or queen of your castle .

Once the water is boiling , we can go ahead and add the rice to the water and mix .

Now that we have all the ingredients incorporated in the hot tub , we can go ahead and lower the stove to medium low or the number three , we go ahead and place the lid on the pot or a pan and then comes the hardest part .

And that is for no reason in the world .

Do you want to open that lid ?

So even if you drop your diamond ring in the water , just find it as an excuse to go out and buy a new one .

We're gonna go ahead and place a timer for 20 minutes and what we want to do for each additional one cup of rice , we want to add five minutes to that .

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So if we're cooking two cups of rice , we would put 25 minutes .

If we're cooking three cups of rice , we would put 30 minutes .

You're gonna see steam come out the side of the lid .

Don't worry , that's only temptation trying to get you to open the lid .

When we finally reach the last five minutes of the timer , we want to lower the stove to our lowest setting , either low or simmering or the number one .

Once the five minutes are over , we can go ahead and set the pan or pot away from the hot stove .

Now comes the second hardest part .

It's letting it rest for five more minutes .

But if you're looking for a facial steam and some degree burns in your mouth , you can skip this step .

As you can see , we have perfectly cooked rice , not wet or sticky or neither burnt .

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If you want to stick your rice , then you just want to add an additional half a cup of water .

But if you like to be able to count your grains and not have mashed potato rice .

Then this is the way to go .

Now you can pat yourself in the back for a job .

Well done .

You can call yourself the maestro of rice cooking .

You've just made yourself a portable rice cooker with arms .

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Thank you for watching .

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