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Halal is back for another video and this time I'm making something really , really delicious .

It's gonna be steak and eggs gonna serve it along with a bit of fries but not just any fries .

These fries are gonna be super flavorful .

So without any further ado , let's get started .

Alright , so we're gonna start with our beef tenderloin .

The reason why it's called tenderloin is very tender as you can see .

So it's a beautiful cut if you get to try it , do try it .

So what we're gonna do is we're gonna keep things very simple .

There's no need to season too much .

So I'm just gonna place this nice and easy onto the board here .

I've got a beautiful freshly ground black pepper so it's not too fine .

There are greens in there and a good pinch of uh pepper on the top .

There we go .

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Finally , a good pinch of salt and just tap that .

All right , carefully picked it up .

I'm just gonna do the same from the other side , right ?

As a as you can see it's about to separate .

So be careful again , touch of pepper , bit of salt and gets a good tap .

Alright , so grab a pan like this one as you can see there's a bit of grilling marks on there .

So perfect .

I'm just gonna turn the heat to medium , medium heat .

Looks like that perfect and that I'm just gonna add a touch of oil .

Let that get nice and hot .

All right .

So when the pan is nice and hot you're gonna add your steak in always away from you .

Look at that beautiful .

Now how long you wanna cook it for you ?

Like a medium ?

You like it rare .

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You like it well cooked .

It's up to you .

Let this sear beautifully .

Hm .

Make sure your state is completely touching the pan and you don't have to press it too hard .

Our been around three minutes .

I'm just gonna nicely turn this over so be careful .

Don't break your tenderloin and look at that beautiful fair .

Amazing .

I'm just gonna smash this .

Alright .

So at this point in time I'm gonna add in my garlic and beautiful knobs of butter .

Lots of butter , butter is good .

Mm All right .

So what you wanna do is you just wanna you know bring it to the one side and let it cook , let it completely sear .

Oh yes .

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So let the butter melt for a second .

Oh , smells amazing .

All that beautiful gary buttery smell .

I'm just gonna tilt my pan slightly .

All right .

So just like , so I'm just gonna start adding that beautiful butter onto there .

Alright .

Look at that beautiful , amazing .

Mm look at that delicious .

Our butter is not burning and it's giving that beautiful smell .

You know , if you want , you can add a bit of dried oregano here , a bit of the thyme if you want and it will give that aromatic aroma as well , but this should be enough .

Alright .

So look at that amazing , amazing .

Hm .

Look at that beauty .

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How beautiful that looks , you know .

Hm .

Alright .

So we're nearly done here .

Just give it another 20 seconds and we're gonna remove it from the heat .

Alright , so now you're gonna remove your beautiful steak onto this parchment paper .

Look at that amazing .

Leave some of the garlic on the on the side .

That looks really good .

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I'm just gonna cover it up and I'm just gonna let it rest in a warm place , the longer you rest , the better it's gonna be and the more juicy it's gonna become .

Alright .

So grab a bowl and then I'm gonna add our beautiful fries .

Look it up in that goes paprika , red chili , good pinch of salt , the beautiful garlic .

The one we cook with the steak .

I'm just gonna add that in .

Finish off with a bit of the spring onions .

Now give this a mix .

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Give it a bit of taste .

Hm .

Amazing sunflower oil .

Love to use that .

Alright , so I'm going to crack my egg open .

So I want the yolk to be a bit runny Right .

So I'm just gonna tilt my pan here .

I'm just gonna start adding that oil onto there .

OK .

And always use a nonstick pan .

I'm just gonna remove it onto your plate or let's have a look at our beautiful steak .

I'm just gonna carefully open this .

Oh man .

Look at that beauty .

Yeah , it looks so good .

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I'm just gonna slice it a little to show you guys so tender you know .

Look at that .

Mm so first up I'm gonna add our beautiful steak onto there gonna add it in the middle .

A touch of the pepper .

Freeze onto the sides here .

Alright .

Look at that .

Alright .

Finally I'm gonna add my beautiful egg onto the side here .

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Look at that with a bit of the runny yolk , bit of the sauce on the side .

The picture is perfect .

All right guys , I'm gonna try .

This looks really delicious .

Look at it .

Let's try with a bit of rice first .

Hm .

Right now let's try the steak .

Yeah .

Mm hm .

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It's so tender .

Oh man .

Look at that .

Hm .

Mm .

So juicy .

Mm .

Let's try this egg as well .

Steak and eggs .

Mm All right guys .

Thank you for watching this video .

I hope you enjoyed it .

Make sure to subscribe and like and I'll see you next time .

Answer then make for your mom .

Make for your dad .

Make for your family .


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