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2023-07-10 08:48:36

I Cooked The Worlds Largest Porterhouse Steak 112 OZ

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Today , we're cooking the world's largest porterhouse steak weighing in at 100 and 12 ounces .

But before we get into this , I need to come clean about something a while back when I first got started , I did a huge porterhouse steak and it didn't turn out and some people were definitely offended by the results .

But today , I'm totally gonna redeem myself and knock out almost an £8 porterhouse .

But only this time , we're gonna do it a little bit different .

That way we get perfect pink in the middle all the way through .

So in order to pull this off , we're gonna do what I call .

Well , not what I call , what I've just came up with is the three tier method .

We're gonna smoke it .

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We're gonna , so it , then we're gonna grill it and guess what ?

I'm hoping this is gonna be the perfect steak .

Really ?

I don't , I wanna say , I don't know , but I think it is .

But as you can see , this steak is absolutely huge and I didn't even do any trimming all that because I know everybody loves the fat .

So we're leaving it in .

All right .

So here's what we're gonna do , we're gonna smoke this on the trigger at 100 and 65 for right at about an hour .

And we're gonna use the super smoke setting .

After that , we're gonna season it with sea salt , which we went pretty heavy on .

This is a huge cut of meat and believe you me , it's gonna take it .

So now after you got it seasoned , you're gonna put it in a Ziploc bag and you're gonna seal it up .

Now , this is gonna do two things .

It's gonna give you that nice salty flavor , but it's gonna suck that smoke in throughout the entire cut of meat .

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This is a little trick I used to pull back in the day .

Actually , my buddy munch is the one that showed me this and you can smoke steaks , vacuum seal them , put them in the freezer and then when we wanted to cook them , we just brought them out , cooked them on the , on the Webber , on the , the charcoal grill , whatever you wanna use .

So you get that crazy smoke flavor and you get the flavor of the charcoal and that nice sear that we all love , right ?

So we've let the steak hang out in the fridge overnight and now we're going straight into the .

So now we have the water bath set at 100 and 30 degrees and we're gonna set a timer for six hours because this thing is like six inches thick and to be honest with you , I have no idea how long this thing is gonna take to cook .

So I figured , hey , six hours that'll do .

Now , after six hours we're gonna drag this thing out .

Fire up the Webber and you know what's coming next ?

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We're about to sear this thing .

Now , what we got here is we got a roll oak charcoal on our Webber .

We got them red hot .

So what we're gonna do is we're gonna put them down about 30 seconds and turn it and just , I don't know what we're gonna do .

We're just gonna try to do it , really stand it up on its edge and do all that .

And I got my big old steak flipper here for this one so we can get under it .

But hey , enough out of me , let's roll that creamy beefy be roll .

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Well , as you can see , I think I've redeemed myself .

This is perfectly pink all the way through and I'm gonna tell you right now it smells phenomenal .

So the only thing we have to do is take a bite that is phenomenal .

Don't forget this recipe is down in the description below .

Hey , thank you for watching and I'll catch you in the next video .


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