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2023-07-08 09:11:54

Steak Recipe _ How to Cook Sirloin Steak with Garlic and Butter _ Easy & Perfect Steak Dinner

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Hello viewers and welcome back to my channel .

Today's recipe is steak .

If you're watching this video , that means you are a fan of steak and I am too .

I love steak , especially with my favorite sauce , mushroom , peppercorn sauce .

If you want to know how I made my mushroom , peppercorn sauce , then I will leave a link at the end of the video .

You can watch it .

I know when you think about steak , you think , oh , it's a really difficult recipe to make , but it's not , it's really , really simple .

You only need a few ingredients and also it's not time consuming .

So let's just get on with the recipe .

There are a few different names of steak that's like a filler steak , rib eye steak .

But the one I'm using , it's sirloin steak .

If you pick your steak and it has more fat around it also in the middle , that means your steak is gonna be more juicy and more tasty .

Let's pat dry this steak .

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So all the seasoning will go into it really well and make sure you remember the steak has to be at room temperature .

Now , let me quickly show you the three ingredients that you need .

One teaspoon of black pepper , one teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of white pepper .

I'm sure you're thinking that is a lot of seasoning for one steak .

Right .

Actually , I've got another two steaks to make as well .

So , one for my brother , one for my sister and this one is for myself .

So I gave it a quick mix and now the mixture is ready to go on the steak .

So I'm using one third of this mixture on this steak .

And the rest is going to be for the other two steaks season this steak really well on both sides .

You can also use your fingers to press it in to make sure all the spices are going into it .

I also like to cover the side so it's not left out .

Now , I'm definitely happy with the sizzling .

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So let's move on to the next step in a preheated frying pan , add two tablespoon of olive oil and it's really important for you to make sure the pan is really hot .

Just listen to the sizzle while I'm placing the steak in here .

This is exactly what you need to hear very gently .

You can press it with your finger just to make sure the steak is evenly connected to the pan .

Let this cook for about one minute and then turn it over after a minute , you can see that it's got really nice golden brown color on it .

Now , I will cook the other side for another one minute .

Some of the side fats are melted .

So I'm just trying to grab that .

So it'll be more juicy .

I don't want the edges to look plain .

So I'm going to stand it up and cook some of the fats on the side .

This will give you a steak , a really nice color on the edges and it will also look juicy and crispy .

It will have nice , perfect golden brown color to it .

Now , just to advise you , it doesn't really matter which type of steak you're making .

Every steak has to be cooked on high flame .

Otherwise the steak will releases water .

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That means your steak is gonna be more like boiled .

So it's not gonna look nice and it will definitely not taste good .

Anyways , I like my steak medium cooked .

So I will be cooking this for about 12 minutes .

So when it's about steak , everybody have different preference .

So if you like yours very rare , then you need to cook for about six minutes for rare , about eight minutes and for well done about 20 minutes .

I've been cooking my steak for about 10 minutes .

Now , I'm going to add about one tablespoon of butter .

I will be cooking for another two minutes and just to let you know , the flame is still on high .

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It is a big support for me .

So thank you .

Anyways , let me show you this perfect steak more closer before I say anything good about this steak .

Whatever came in your mind right now .

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Please let me know in the comment box below .

This is definitely a perfect steak .

You can see there's a bit of crispiness on top and it has the perfect golden brown color inside .

It's juicy and tender lots of flavors .

Before I take my steak out from the pan , I wanna add more fragrance to it .

So some fresh garlic and some fresh rosemary .

This will add more flavors to your steak and I promise it will smell so good .

Make sure you get some butter on the rosemary and then rub it on the steak .

Make sure you check out my pepper on mushroom sauce .

It will go perfectly with this steak .

I will leave a link at the top right hand corner .

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So that's Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and tiktok .

Anyways , look at them garlic cloves .

Even they look tasty .

You can eat them if you like .

It's really good for you .

That's it for today .

The steak is ready and I can't wait to eat .

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So I'm going to enjoy it and I will cook the other two later for my brother and sister .

I don't want this to get cold .

Thank you so much for staying with me till the end .

And if you like my video , then please give it a thumbs up and I will see you soon in my next video .


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