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2023-07-09 14:15:37

Cook Steak In Oven - How To Broil Steak, EASY!

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Hey , everybody .

My name is Joey .

And today we'll be broiling strip steaks in the oven .

Broiling is an easy way to make awesome steaks indoors .

So follow me to tasty town .

Broiling is an easy way to make great tasting steaks indoors .

And it's a commonly used method at many restaurants across the country .

It's so easy .

Anyone can do it right at home because everyone has an oven .

There are a few tips and tricks to follow .

But before we get started , let's take a look at what we're cooking .

Today .

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We'll be making strip steaks , which is a cut easily found in many restaurants and grocers throughout the United States .

However , the strip steak has many different names or aliases , including the New York strip steak , the Kansas City steak , the Kansas City strip steak , the Manhattan steak , the shell steak , the hotel cut steak and the lesser known ambassador Steak .

It's a little bit confusing when the same cut of meat has seven different names .

You may remember the strip steak from our porterhouse video .

As you'll recall , the strip steak comprises one side of the porterhouse or the T bone steak .

This side right here .

It has the wider top and tapers to a smaller end as an incredibly flavorful and tender steak .

It can be served either boneless as shown right here or bone in by removing one side of this T shaped bone right over here .

Now , before we get cooking , there are a couple of other tips to remember generally about cooking steak .

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The first is the grade beef comes in three grades , prime choice and select simply put , make it either a choice or prime or don't waste your time .

And remember the higher the grade of the beef , the more tender and flavorful steak you'll end up with .

The second is rest .

I know I say it every video but you need to let your steak rest for at least 20 or 30 minutes at temperature prior to cooking it .

The reason that we do this is allow the steak to come closer to room temperature to promote more even cooking , which will allow for more consistent and predictable results .

And the third is seasoning .

You can really season your steak with whatever you'd like .

But today we're going to be using a little bit of olive oil , some kosher salt and some coarse ground pepper .

Now , there are a couple things to remember before we start broiling .

And the first is you're gonna want to use the right pan .

You can really use a cast iron skillet or a broiling pan .

As shown here .

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I would avoid using any glass pan in the , for broiling as I just , I don't know if it will hold up to the high heat .

But again , we're gonna use a broiling pan .

It's , it's right here .

It's commonly found in the warming drawer of your oven .

It includes , uh , a top that has slits in it and then a bottom which we've lined with foil to make for an easy clean up .

The other thing that you're gonna wanna remember to do is to slit the fat on your steak just like this .

And the reason that we score the fat just a little bit that will prevent it from curling up as it boils .

And you're just gonna wanna do this on both sides of the steak doesn't have to be too deep , just surface level on that fat again , helps prevent it from curling up .

The other tip that you want to remember to do is to make sure that your steak is the right distance from the broiler .

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The broiler is found at the top of the oven and you want your steak to sit no more than about four or five inches from the broiler itself .

You may need to adjust your oven shelf height .

And I would always suggest that you the height prior to cooking as another tip or trick .

What I like to do is I always like to leave my oven about a quarter of the way open to allow that heat to escape .

And to make sure that the steak is only , the steak's only heat source is coming from directly above on the broilers while this is preheating .

Follow me and let's season the steak .

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Now , we're going to go ahead and put this in right underneath the boiler .

Remember this is hot .

So be careful .

We're going to leave it in here for about 3 to 4 minutes and then pull it out and flip it .

So the other side can cook .

This steak has been cooking on the flip side for about three minutes or it's been in there for seven minutes total .

So we're going to remove it and check its temperature .

Now , I prefer to use the field method because I've been cooking steaks for a long time and I can tell that that's perfectly cooked .

If you're not familiar with the fuel method , you can never go wrong with an instant re thermometer .

And as they rest here for about five minutes , the internal temperature will increase another five or 10 degrees .

This steak has been resting for about five minutes now .

So let's cut it open .

Take a look inside .

Look at that .

As you can see by the color of the steak , we have a perfectly cooked medium rare steak .

Look at that great color right there .

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As I said earlier , broiling is an easy way to make great tasting steaks right in your own kitchen .

This broiling pan can fit up to four large steaks so you can even cook for a crowd .

Our motto at Red Meat Lover , as we've said before is any cut of meat , any type of heat , which reflects our belief that there are many , many right ways to cook and prepare steaks .

We'll still use our grill to make great tasting steaks .

But the broiler is a wonderful alternative .

When we just don't feel like going outside to use the grill .

If you like our video , please give us a thumbs up like or subscribe to our youtube channel for more tasty steak videos .

Really ?

We would love , love , love your feedback in the comments right below this video .

Or you can send them directly to me Joey at red meat lover dot com .

And remember what Jack Handy once said , people say God lives inside you .

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I don't know if that's true , but if he does , I hope he likes steak because that's what he's getting .

We'll see you next time .


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