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2023-07-09 14:17:11

How To Cook a Thick Rib Eye Steak on a George Foreman Grill

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All right guys , I saw somebody else do this .

So I'm gonna go ahead and try it .

Uh A lot of people are probably gonna get mad saying that it's a waste of the meat because this is actually gonna be a one , one at stake .

It's a rib eye .

And what I did was I took some of the slap your mama's seasoning .

It's Cajun seasoning .

So I like my meat spicy as pepper , salt red pepper , all that stuff that you would want in it .

All right , like that .

Go ahead .

Did some liquid smoke .

A couple drops .

That's the liquid smoke .

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Like I said , I saw somebody else do it .

So I wanted to try it and see how it actually tastes .

See if I just threw away the money I had spent on the steak .

All right .

Just like that seasoned good .

Some good marbling .

It's a rib eye , put some foil in it .

This is the OG Lane Green George Foreman .

It's not the deluxe version or anything like that .

So , and I did preheat it .

You're just gonna wanna get it like that so you can get your grill marks , make sure the top of the foil .

It's big enough to overlap and make sure that it's not too low down at the bottom .

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So it bypasses your drip tray and there's a drip tray before I start and let's go ahead and do it on there .

Just wanna move it to the bottom .

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I fold this up a little bit good to go and I'm going to do it out 10 minutes or so because I want mine medium rare will , is gonna spray it with the oil .

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Just , uh , any type of canola oil for non stick , but it's really not gonna be on there long enough , I don't think to stick .

So I'll be right back guys .

Let see , let this thing cook for , I don't know , 9 to 10 minutes .

All right guys , this is about 4.5 minutes in .

So those of you that think you're losing a lot of the juices , a lot of it's still in the foil .

So I guess that's about what it would lose if you were doing it on a grill anyway .

All right .

So just give it about another 4 , 4.5 minutes and I'll be right back again .

All right .

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All right guys , this is about 6.5 to 7 minutes in , uh , like I said , I want it really medium rare , uh , maybe medium , but I've never done it with the size of meat on this little mini , uh , formula .

So it's still , it's making racket and whatnot .

But , I mean , there's still not a lot of the juices coming out , so I'm gonna test it with a fork .

Hm .

Yeah , it probably needs about maybe another minute if that serious and see even pushing down , I'm not pushing down real hard , but just to sear the crap out of it , it's still not dripping juice .

Uh , be right back .

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All right guys , it's rolling up on nine minutes .

The other video I saw was like 12 minutes but he said that it was well done .

I don't agree , but like I said , I won't mine medium rare good .

So .

Hm .

Nice grill marks that was cut .

See , that's more medium well , to me than medium rare but still very red in the center and on both sides get grill marks .

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Let me taste it and I'll tell you the truth if it tastes like garbage or not , it's actually excellent .

You , that's the clean up .

So thanks for the video .

Whoever came up with that because now that's already cool to the touch .

And as you can see , there's basically no clean up , little bit of juice there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But uh I'm gonna go eat that steak right there .

So hope you enjoyed it guys .

You might wanna try it .

I know some of you might want be a little bit hesitant to try it .

But man , it's actually pretty tasty .

There you go .

Take it easy .


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