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2023-07-08 09:24:34

Steak, Ninja Foodi 2 Basket Air Fryer Recipe

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Hi , it's starting out way with recipes and today I'm gonna be cooking up a rib eye steak in the Ninja foodie .

Two basket air fryer .

We're gonna be using the air boil feature .

So we're only gonna use one basket because air boil only works with one basket running at a time , but we're gonna see how it turns out a steak and we're gonna do that right now .

All right .

So I've got myself one rib eye steak here .

It weighs just about a little over £1 .

So we'll say it's £1 .

And for seasoning , I've got my Montreal steaks seasoning .

I've also got some canola oil cause I want a high smoke point oil .

I'm just gonna use a little bit .

I'm not gonna use a lot just enough to hold the seasonings on .

So it won't really impact the flavor at all .

Do what I mention nothing in this video sponsored .

And so I going to go ahead and start the season up the steak .

Now , I'm just going to basically rub some of this oil in on both sides here .

It's a good little oil on this side here .

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And , you know , for something like this in a basket air fryer .

I wouldn't recommend something like the extra virgin olive oil or anything that's probably going to just , uh , with its lower smoke point and this air boil feature , I mean , it really kicks out a lot of heat .

That could be a little , uh , I guess , uh , not good .

What could happen with a little smoke point oil in a cooker that's really cranking out a ton of heat because this air boil is an incredible thing when it's doing its work .

And I mean , an incredible thing how hot it gets and how quick it knocks stuff out .

So just putting a little seasoning on this side here , just season it up real good .

We should , I think that will work out very nicely there .

I'm going to flip it on over and gonna season up this side here as far as seasonings go .

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Anybody who keeps up with this channel knows I just really like the groma seasoning .

You know , I've done steaks with just salt and pepper steaks with all other types of mixtures of seasonings .

But this one , you know , it's easy to come by .

It doesn't cost a lot of money and it works out real nice .

So I'm just going to take , I just wanna get some seasoning on the edges of the steak now .

So I'm just going to take some of that excess and try and get it on the edges of the steak .

I'm going to open basket , one of the ninja food and two basket air fryer , stick the steak in there .

Right .

So now I'm gonna turn the cooker on now that it's on .

I'm gonna hit air boil and we want that 450 degrees , which is the maximum temperature we can't go any higher .

And for time , just for the sake of having an even amount of time to count down from .

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Not that it will take this long , but just in case it takes more than 10 minutes , I'm setting the 20 but this is basically gonna be like a cook and check type of thing , cook for a while , then check , cook for a while .

But we're going to go ahead and we're gonna start with this .

So I'm gonna hit start and so I'll bring you on back in a little bit .

All right , things have been going for about seven minutes .

So I'm going to go ahead when it reaches it even seven minutes and hit , pause to do a quick check .

So pause there and take our thermo pen .

We gonna do a check .

Look at how that looks after seven minutes .

It's in the 60 50 60 some degree range , but all the same , I'm going to flip it now .

I'm gonna flip it now because it's already getting some good tops here and there on that side .

So we flip it like that close up , hit start , let things continue and I'll bring you back .

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Now , another five minutes have passed 12 minutes total so far .

So we're going to go in and check again .

All right .

Look at all that scenery stick in there .

We're only in the 90 degree range .

We're in the nineties .

So it's not moving along , I guess , as quickly as I thought it could .

But it has done a lot more sharing on this side now .

So I'm gonna flip it again and I should have , I should have hit pause , which I didn't do this time .

So I'm gonna go ahead and flip it and it flipped over on that side some more .

I should have hit pause .

I neglected to do that , but it's ok .

We lost about 30 seconds , but we'll just keep on going with it with the countdown that it's been doing .

And so I'll just let it run a little while longer and bring you on back .

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All right , another six minutes have passed 18 minutes cooking time total now .

So I'm gonna go on it .

Go ahead and get in here again .

I'm gonna hit pause this time .

So we'll pause it .

Oh , look at all .

That inside is just in the 115 to 117 range .

It's not very well , it's like 1 22 over there .

It's like 1 52 over on this end .

So it looks like this end , which is a smaller end is getting really hot .

This end is late to 1 50 .

But in the center , in the center , we're still a little too cool .

I'd like at least medium rare all over .

So I guess I'll give it another clip .

We know the outside is well cooked .

It's just some of the interior that's needing some more , but we'll just flip it again and I'm going to push the time , well , gonna push the time up to , let's say we'll get it .

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We'll have to do it four minutes cause that inside has to get cooked .

Well .

So we're just gonna have to go with that .

It'll be about the 22 minutes total at that rate .

But I'm gonna hit , start gonna let it cook so that we get that inside really well cooked and I'll bring it back .

All right , we're coming to the end of this additional four minutes to make 22 minutes total cooking time and it's gonna go through its cool down sequence .

But I'm going to open up now and just do a check of the steak and it's in the 1 41 40 inside the middle .

I can live with that , you know .

Although I prefer medium .

Well , I prefer medium well , but about a one , yeah , at the coldest part it's in the 1 40 .

So I can live with that .

Most of it is , uh , at well or medium well done .

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So we'll , we'll just live with that .

You know , I could have of course done .

Like maybe a bake and baked it up to near and then did a air boil to finish it off .

But I really like to hit it with a hard sear .

So that's why I like to do this , uh , you know , hard air boil thing .

But I do need to give this some time to rest before I cut into it .

I was about to slice , slice right into it .

Let me give it about five minutes to just set the rest .

That'll give it a little time for some carryover heat to work on this steak as well .

And then we'll go ahead and jump in there and do some cutting plate and a taste testing .

Our five minutes of rest time are up .

So we're just gonna go ahead and slice right in the middle .

You see those juices coming out , you see , actually we did get a nice kind of uh medium well type of inside .

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Like I like , I think that turned out very nice .

I think that turned out great .

So that looks good to me .

I'm just going to cut a slice or two for the sake of taste testing purposes .

But let me know how this looks to you in a comment .

I mean , I think that that looks pretty good .

So let's move the camera and do a taste test .

Let's taste this rib eye steak .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

OK ?

The outside is very well seared .

It's got like a nice little crunch on the outside from the searing .

The inside is juicy .

So it did a good job on the steak .

I thought with that air boil because it hit , stay so hard that it might even go well , faster than 20 minutes .

But it did need 22 minutes to finish things up to my liking .

You'd have to basically use a time that's suitable for your own preference .

And so you can see now that the ninja foodie two basket air fryer can do a real nice searing , real nice air boil on a steak , cook up steak for you really good .

And so I'm good with that .

And so I will say that in the video description , there's a referral link for getting this cooker that referral .

It basically helps this channel while you don't pay a penny extra , you can get it through uh you know , seller that , that basically turns things around around very quickly .

They ship very fast usually .

And so you know , you can get it and get them a good time .

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Also , there are other ways to help the channel such as memberships and other things in the video description .

And if you like this video , please give it a thumbs up , share the video with a friend , leave your comments , subscribe , hit that notification bell in good eating .


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