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2023-07-11 07:05:10

How to play Dice Chess

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Dice , chess , how to play ?

The rules are the same as regular chess .

Except for these changes for a refresher of those rules .

Check out this video , give each player two chess dice .

Normal dice can be used instead by assigning pieces to the numbers .

As so one is pawn two is knight three is bishop , four is rook , five is queen and six is king on your turn .

You roll both dice , then pick one of your pieces to move as indicated by one of the dice rolled .

You may not move a piece .

If you didn't roll it .

If you roll doubles , then you choose any one of your pieces to move .

If you have no legal move for either dice rolled , then you lose your turn without moving .

And your opponent goes , you may castle under the normal conditions .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If you roll a rook king or doubles , you may only use on Paan if you roll a pawn or doubles the very next turn .

When the first opportunity for the on Paan capture arises , if you don't , you may not use the on Paan on a later turn .

When you are in check , you may only move pieces rolled that allow you to handle getting out of check .

If your role is unable to do that , then you lose your turn , but you do not automatically lose the game .

However , you will lose the game .

If your opponent rules the appropriate pieces needed to capture your king , then they are allowed to capture it and win .

If they fail to do so , then you are allowed to try and roll again to escape .

Check the first player to capture their opponent's king or to position their pieces into checkmate immediately .

Wins .


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