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2023-07-08 09:13:51

How to Cook Steak in Oven - Thin & THICK Broil Steak Recipes

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Hey , everybody .

I'm Joey .

And today I'll show you how to cook steak in the oven .

Two ways .

One for thin steaks and one for thick steaks .

So , follow me and let's turn up the tasting .

Mhm .

All right .

So the first question we need to answer is why cook steaks in the oven ?

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Well , look , I know that there's a lot of meat elitist in the world that will tell you that there's only one right way to cook and prepare steaks .

But you know , that's absolutely not true .

Now , there are some wrong ways , definitely some wrong ways to prepare steak .

But the bottom line is that there are many right ways .

I really enjoy a steak cooked over a hot fire on the grill .

More than that .

I really love all the company and the conversations that happen around the grill while that steak is cooking .

But I know this sounds like sacrilege .

But there are people in the world that just don't own a grill .

Either they live in a big apartment community or they're living elsewhere in the city or maybe they're just getting started .

Like I was 20 years ago .

I didn't own a grill .

And so actually this is how I got started cooking steak .

I've already shared some tips and tricks on how to broil steak .

But we're going to add some to this .

Look .

Look , I've never even tested the methods that I'm about ready to show you .

So it's going to be us learning together .

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There's a lot of people that are just obsessed with having the answers and the problem with that is , is when you know everything , there's nothing more to learn .

So I think what's more important is to stay in the questions and that's how you're going to step up your steak game .

So , as I mentioned in the intro , we have two steaks here and we're gonna explore two different methods .

One of the methods we're going to use .

I've kind of touched upon before and that's a traditional broil method .

That's great for these thin steaks .

Now , the one thing I don't like about that method is it's really tough to get a good sear , a good crust on the exterior of the steak .

I recently received a product from grill great dot com and that's what it's called .

It's called the grill grate .

It's an after market product that you put on your grill that helps distribute the heat evenly across the grill grate to prevent flare ups .

So I'm going to use that instead of a traditional broiling pan and that tool should help us get some really nice ear marks .

We'll see how it turns out together .

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The other method I'm going to use for this thick stick is a traditional reverse sear .

Now , with the traditional reverse sear , it goes in the oven anywhere from 200 to 275 degrees and then you finish it in a pan .

Well , that's really a two step process .

And what I want to use is I want to use that grill grate to try to create that great sear and instead of putting it in a pan , so as I mentioned , you can preheat your oven to 200 to 275 five degrees .

Really , the main impact there is the lower temperature .

It's going to create a more evenly cooked steak throughout , but it's gonna take a lot longer .

So I have this set on the higher side of that range at 275 degrees .

Also , I'm not gonna be able to cook these steaks at the same time .

So I'm gonna go first with the reverse sear and we're gonna try that method and then we'll go with the broiled method .

Follow me .

And let's get this guy in the oven .

All right .

So we're gonna go ahead and get the steak into the oven at 275 degrees .

Quick note here .

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Uh This has been salted and resting for an hour when we found out from a previous experiment that makes really great tasting steaks .

I have it on a rack to promote even circulation of air across the steak as it cooks .

This part is easy .

All right .

So look , this part is gonna take a little bit of time .

You know , the amount of time actually is going to vary depending upon a number of different factors .

Look , not all ovens cook at the same temperature , even when they're set to the same temperature that could impact it .

Also the thickness of the steak .

I'm gonna check in on this steak here in about 25 minutes .

Get an internal read on the temperature .

So , what will I do with my time as this thing cooks ?

Well , if you've seen my channel before , you know that I like to grab a beer and one of my favorite pastimes is searching for conspiracy theories online .

Well , today I got a new one for you guys .

Birds aren't real .

That's right .

You heard it here first .

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Actually , there are some rumblings that this Coronavirus thing is a big government conspiracy because the pigeons were out of batteries .

And so they need to take some time to replace the batteries .

They need to keep us indoor .

I know it sounds nuts , but I'm going to do some further research and I will find a tree .

All right .

It's been about 35 minutes .

I checked it , uh , five minutes ago and it was really close .

It was at 1 18 .

Let's get a final reading here .

We are at 125 F .

Now look with the traditional reverse sear .

What we would do now is take it from here into a pan with oil , but I'm gonna try something different .

We have this grill grate , as I mentioned and it's reversible .

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There's the grates right there and this bottom part almost acts like a griddle whether it's on the grill or in the stove .

So , what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna place this in the stove and I'm gonna turn on my broiler to high .

Let that get nice and hot .

And once it does , I'm gonna sear the steak on this thing .

Ok ?

So that has been heating up for about five minutes now , should be nice and hot .

I'm just gonna get a little bit of oil on this steak .

Help create a nice little sear on that thing .

We're gonna do it on both sides .

Ok ?

Now let's get it on the grill grate .

Come on in and take a look .

So I'm gonna let it sear here for 30 seconds .

I'm going to flip it over again for another 30 seconds and we're gonna pull it out .

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All right guys .

So , I mean , I think this looks pretty good .

A traditional reverse here , as I said , would be done in the oven first or on the cool side of the grill and then over direct heat , which is that grill grate , we put it on the reason I wanted to use that tool is because I wanted this to be a completely self contained how to cook steak in the oven recipe .

No pan required .

This is all in the oven .

So it has a really nice crust .

Um , I might get maybe a little bit nicer crust with a pan sear only because you can really get that thing pretty ripping hot .

But now let's cut it open and see how it turned out .

What do you guys think ?

I think that turned out pretty nice .

That's a closer to a medium temperature .

I pulled it out at 100 and 25 degrees .

Got a little additional heat .

I seared it for 30 seconds per side .

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And again , I did throw down some oil on it before I dropped it on the grill grate in there just to help promote that really nice sear of the neat things about that reverse here .

One of its advantages is the clear end to end doneness .

We get much less of this exterior , which is well done .

So that's really a big advantage .

Look , I know this is gonna taste delicious .

I'll do a taste test just because it's hot steak and it sit right in front of me and I truly can't resist , ma'am .

That's the thing about filet mignon .

It is so , so tender .

I'm talking , melt in your mouth tender .

And that's one of the reasons it's one of the most expensive cuts of steak .

You can buy .

Look , this isn't a taste test .

This is a how to cook steak in the oven recipe .

As I promised you at the beginning , we've done the thick steak .

Now , let me grab that thin steak and I'll be right back .

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Ok .

So , what I've done now is here we have a , our thin steak and this is a New York strip steak .

What I did after I was done eating that delicious filet mignon was I took that grill grate and I flipped it over .

I have that thing broiling , getting nice and hot .

So while that's heating up , I'm gonna go ahead and hit both sides of this again with just a little bit of oil to help promote that nice year .

Ok .

So before I drop that in , come on over here and take a look at these grill grates while they're heating up .

Ok .

So this steak right here , this thin steak , New York strip .

Uh It's probably about an inch thick .

Maybe even if that , I think it turned out great .

You see , we got some really nice ear marks here .

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The other thing is when I boiled strips in the past on a broiling pan , I've needed to score the fat .

Keep it from curling up .

I explained that in another video .

So it , it has a really , I think a much nicer crust than we get with a broiling pan .

I think it's because those grill grates just get so hot and distribute that heat nice .

And even , you know , I've always believed in being authentic with you guys and sharing authentic results .

One thing I'd probably do different with this is I definitely needed a and that was long enough to cover the full grill grate .

I'll be doing a little bit of oven clean up there because unlike the reverse sear , which keeps all the juices more or less trapped in because of the slow cooking process , this hot and fast process results in much more juice .

And some of that ran out onto the bottom of the oven .

So that's the first thing .

The other thing is while I really strove to get these nice marks .

I mean , it's not the diamond .

I didn't twist it around and all that stuff .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It was a lot of work with , uh , it being in there and it's a really short cook .

This steak was cooked in 4.5 minutes .

But I think if I did this again with a thin steak , I would still use that flat side of the grill grate .

I think we would have gotten a much nicer crust .

Now with that said , let's see how it looks .

Oh , and one more thing I wanna say about broiling steaks hot and fast .

It's really just tough to get a read on the temperature .

You can't plug your instant reed thermometer in there like you can on the uh skillet because it is so hot in there .

So it really comes down to kind of perfecting this method .

And I'll be honest , I screwed up a lot of broiled steaks when I was in my early twenties .

This thing took about 4.5 minutes .

Well , let's see how it turned out .

Ok .

Look at that .

So , the one thing I think you'll notice is because it was hot and fast .

We have , we don't have as much edge to edge pinkness , but I would call this a medium , maybe a medium .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Well , somewhere in that range , let's take another cut down here .

It's a little bit thicker .

See if we get some different uh results .

So yeah , you'll see a little bit better color down here .

But as I was saying with that reverse here , that's where you get that full end to end your taste .

Look everyone .

It's a really great tasting steak .

I think what we've shown here more than anything is that there are multiple right ways to cook and prepare a steak .

It really ultimately comes down to the tools you have available to you in your kitchen .

Yes , a grill is nice as I talked about earlier , but use what you have .

Get creative .

And the most important thing is that you like the outcome .

Speaking of liking the outcome , if you like this video , you know the drill , go ahead and hit that big thumbs up like button or even better , subscribe to our channel , which goes a long way to supporting our channel so we can continue to cook meat .

Made easy .

I'll see you guys next time , I'm gonna get back to this steak .


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