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2023-07-09 14:15:09

Every Term to COOK A STEAK (All Steaks Doneness & Time frames)

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We're gonna set it up like roast 375 is gonna be your timing and let's set off for 10 minutes and stir easy , quick and simple .

Let me go ahead and flip our beautiful rib eye can you hear that ?

That's what we wanna hear that .

Ok , guys , we're almost done here .

We only have 13 seconds left .

You know what's amazing ?

This doesn't even get hot .

Look , I'm touching it and this is not hot and the house does not smell .

I don't like the smell of food around my house .

I love that , that this doesn't smell your house .

See , it's already done and it says , let's see how beautiful rib eye look and smells so good .

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I will cut this good looking filet into steaks and cook each of them to a different term , giving you all the information related to times and temperature .

Also , I will try to keep this cook as simple as possible .

So it's gonna be a lot easier for you to understand and learn from it .

And yes , this beauty comes from the Argentinian cut link in the description and because I know that not all of you guys have a grill available at home .

I'm gonna be cooking these steaks in the , the is one of the best utensils created by mankind to cook steaks .

And if you don't have one at home right now , go ahead and spend 15 bucks on one right now .

I promise you , you will never regret it .

I will cut all the steak from the same cut .

So we can really see the difference related only to the term of the meat .

Instead of arguing about the quality of the steaks filet mignon is well known for his tenderness , but also for his lack of flavors .

So the first thing I would do is to add my spices on it and let it rest for about 30 minutes before cooking .

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Yeah , it's cut it in the middle .

See , let's see how there we go .

It's like butter .

Look at that .

Oh man .

Look at that .

Is , it's rare .

Medium rare .

Going into rare .

That's how I like my meat .

I like my meat .

Medium rare .

More into the rare side .

Yeah , that's how she like it .

So , yeah , it is a good , good prime .

Right .

Go here .

All right guys , this is for you .

Big sacrifice .

There we go .

Wow .

Really , really , really juicy .

Super , super tender , man .

This is good stuff and it was done in 10 minutes in the ninja .

This is good stuff , guys .

Let's try this part .

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It's holy fatter .

Hm .

There's meat in there .

You had a good try .

Now how pretty when you guys see that , I mean , you guys can see the juices in the , in the plate is full of juice .

Really juicy ?

I want to start with the ri because the ri for me is the king of the steak and the queen , you know who it is and this steak came out perfect .

It's a thick steak is full of fat and the flavors on it is awesome .

It's super juicy .

It's medium rare and man , it's awesome .

Do you like it ?

I love it too .

But you know what ?

I love the most .

You know how I've been cleaning my stove lately with a duster .

The ninja .

It's awesome .

I love it .

It's a nice tool to have .

It's something that doesn't occupy a lot of space .

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You have a bunch of things that are together in only one machine and it's awesome .

I mean , if you can cook something like this in 10 minutes inside your house , no worries about it .

Smells in the house .

That thing doesn't even get hot .

So it's not a problem for , for babies and kids .

Uh , you know , it's , it's , it's , it's good in every single way and we are trying a bunch of different recipes .

We try a bunch of different times .

We try a bunch of different .

I mean , it's , it's really incredible .

It's really , really good there .

You have it guys .

This is a success .

This is an awesome steak .

If you want a little bit more cook , maybe you can give it like three or four more minutes .

That's pretty much it .

But it's awesome .

Awesome .

Awesome .

The fat render .

Well , the color is perfect .

It's juicy , it's flavorful .

It's an awesome steak and it only takes 10 minutes .

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If you haven't leave your comments down there , the whole recipe , the whole description of everything , the links and everything is gonna be on the description below .

So check it out and I'll see you in the next one and we love you .

Love you .

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Well , Miss Ninja , I have another experiment here that you're gonna hate .

You are going to hate this experiment , but we have to go and try it .

I mean , everybody knows what's up , everybody knows what's going on .

The only thing is I cook each steak in a different term .

We have five tastes here and all of them are completely different .

But from the same cut and nothing has changing here .

But the term that everything was cooked I gave you guys you're gonna hate , now you're gonna hate a few of them .

I gave you guys already the timing , the temperature , everything and now it's time to give it a try and see what's up .

Let's go because that's a lot of time .

Right ?

We have number ABC D and E .

Let's go for it .

We have a new letter real quick .

All right .

Let's go for number a small piece for me because otherwise it's gonna take forever .

Let's go for number A guys A on .

Hm .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Why so funny ?

Am I supposed to hate it ?

On the first one ?

I don't know .

You like it ?

I mean , I like the texture .

It's a little bit dry .

It's a little bit dry .

No , it's way dry .

No tender at all .

No , it tastes good .

But that's it .

The meat tastes good .

Nothing else but it's tender to me .

All right .

Let's go for number mn .

Say it's tender .

Number B hm .

Better , more flavor better better .

I mean is let's go for number C number .

All right .

Mhm .

Very similar to number B .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Hang on for a minute but it is more tender .

We are definitely not .

All right .

Let's go for number DD .

Mhm hm .

What I mean ?

Super tender but I don't see much of a difference on the flavor .

We're not talking about flavor here .

What we're doing then .

What is the term that you like ?

Oh , it's just different terms .

And this one guys is number E which is rare .

Let's go for the rare .

Hm .

I like it very good .

I really like it .

Well , which one you like the best ?

Among all of them ?

ABC de ?

Which one you like the best ?

Well , for me , I think it's gonna be between D and E two .

I love them both .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Those are the perfect terms .

I also love medium .

Medium is always good and special is always good .

But from me up guys , you know what it is , you know , you , you , you feel me guys , I know you're gonna have your mother in law or somebody like that ask me for life .

I like it medium well and you're gonna take him out of the house , you're gonna cry like a baby in a corner of the patio and you're gonna say this can't happen but you have to do it because your mother in law , man , you cannot get mad with your mother in law .

That's the problem with those things .

Now , let me tell you a little bit about the giveaway that we have going on guys .

All you have to do guys is go and subscribe to my website for the newsletter .

That's all you have to do and you're gonna be able to win every month , a different giveaway .

This month , giveaway is the whole set of raps from Nara .

Nara raps are the ones that I use here .

They are amazing and super recommended .

If in the description of the video , we have the website , you can go and check them out in there .

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And if you are the winner , you're gonna win the whole set .

10 different amazing ones that you're going to love .

Now , let me ask you something .

Did we make you hungry ?

If we made you hungry ?

We had to hit it with the like lots and lots of like , subscribe to the shout out , share with your friends and family and don't forget to leave your comments down there , which is the term that you like the best is somebody go to your house right now and ask you for a well done .

What would you do ?

Put it down on the ?

Because I need some ideas .

I have people that come here and ask me for that .

I need some ideas .

Let me ask you something .

What ?

Nothing is delicious today ?

No , I mean , it's not , I cannot give a delicious to this thing guys because we are making a test .

But yeah , we don't , I mean if I'm gonna go for the delicious , I'm gonna go for number D or E uh but that's , that's it .

That's all for today guys .

But remember that I love you .

I love you too .

Thanks for watching and see you in the next one .

Number D is let's go


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