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2023-07-10 08:53:13

how to make easy guitar runs

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Yeah .

Right .

So I'm gonna talk to you guys today about uh doing some runs on the guitar .

Um really simply , um really what you wanna do is get more familiar with the notes on the neck and um , obviously the guitar has a lot of patterns and whatnot .

Um First of all , a pattern of finding the same notes .

Like if you got a G here A , here A B here you use that down to over two pattern and by that , I mean , down two strings ahead , two frets and you find the same note , it's gag A or a that , that easy to find the same note .

Um So I'm gonna try and give you a quick idea on how to make a quick run up the neck .

Um without having to really know too many scales .

OK ?

So I'm gonna start on the A , I'm gonna use notes .

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I use a little basically like four notes here .

OK .

So those four knots on the A , I'm sorry , I'm sorry .

From the A A to BD .

OK .

So I got a rift going like this .

Not too hard , obviously , but how can I expand on that ?

And make a , make a run up the neck or use those octave patterns because like if I got a , a here , I gotta go down two strings .

I had two frets .

I don't play the same pattern .

OK .

Now , from here , this is that a that I found , I'm gonna go down two strings ahead , three frets this time for the same notes .

OK ?

So now I'm gonna take this riff of this other A OK ?

And then end on a high A .

So now the run turns into using those octave patterns .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Get the really quick , easy way to make some runs .

OK ?

Obviously , it doesn't have to be just these , you can do other stuff too .

Who is in the , the minor pentatonic scale ?

OK .

So obviously a lot of you intermediate players or advanced players recognize that scale shape .

There's the a minor peta scale , very popular scale .

Um But you're just using those , those first couple of notes from the scale using the active patterns .

He turned into a run .

OK .

Quick , easy way to make a guitar run .

That's my first tutorial .

I hope you guys enjoyed it .

Um Let me know , talk to you soon .


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