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2023-07-09 14:18:13

How to cook a 2 Pound Cowboy Steak ~ Big Bone In Rib Eye ~ Cast Iron Skillet

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Hey , everybody today , I'm gonna show you how to make a rib eye steak .

A £2 cowboy steak and a cast iron skillet .

Oh , yeah , baby .

Well , there you see half of it there , my salt pepper and a little garlic powder on it .

Kosher salt .

We'll do the other side .

Exactly the same way we have .

Then we're gonna take that thing to a smoking hot cast iron skillet .

But you got to turn on the oven 1st 450 degrees .

Now I'm gonna cook this baby to medium .

Well , today , ok , got someone who don't like pink .

So I'm the fire , this thing on the hot hot skillet .

Get a real nice on one side .

You can pick it up .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Look , do this side the same way .

And there we are 450 degree oven .

Now , I got arrested 15 or 20 minutes to rest .

I have been , I remember we did it 40 minutes .

If you want yours .

Medium , regular medium , be about 35 kind of medium rare .

It would be 30 minutes .

But I tell you what if you get these good cowboy steaks from central market ?

Oh , man , they're like butter and this one was y'all go out and have yourself an awesome , awesome day .

Thanks for watching .

I love All Y'all .


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