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2023-07-08 09:20:43

How To Cook T Bone Steak In A Frying Pan

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Today , we're making the juiciest cast iron T bone steaks in nine minutes .

Now , the first thing we're gonna do is preheat our oven to 450 degrees .

We're gonna heat up our cast iron skillet .

We don't need to go much over medium , maybe , medium high , just a little bit .

And we're gonna take our T bone steak and we're gonna put some trauma hogs spg on this , on both sides .

Now , what you need to do in order to cook the juiciest T bone steak is be sure and get your T bone out about 45 minutes before you're ready to cook .

Let it come to room temperature , be sure and put your salt and seasoning or whatever in this case , SPG .

We're gonna put it on both sides and let it soak in for 45 minutes .

And then we're gonna cook the juiciest T bone steak in nine minutes in a cast iron skillet .

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So we'll be back here in just a minute .

We're gonna go ahead and get this SPG put on this T bone and we'll be back shortly .

Ok .

Well , we've let our T bone set and marinade with this SPG from hogs barbecue .

It's a local joint down in Jonesboro , Arkansas .

We really love it .

He's got a great mixture here for salt pepper onion powder and garlic powder .

But anyway , we've got our T bone .

It has been , uh , uh , covered with this SPG .

We've got our skillet hot .

It's about a medium to medium high heat .

We didn't add any oil to it .

This is a , uh , skillet that is maintained , uh , with seasoning .

And so we're just gonna take and add our T bone to that .

I've got my oven preheated to 450 degrees .

So we're gonna lay that in there .

Listen to that sizzle .

And man , I'm gonna tell you right now , this is a foolproof way to cook the perfect T bone steak and that is to sear it in a cast iron skillet and then finish it in the oven .

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So that's exactly what we're gonna do .

We're gonna let this thing , uh , set in here for two minutes on each side and we'll start our timer for two minutes .

Ok .

Well , the timer is going off .

So let's get this out and see what it looks like here .

Right ?

Let's take our insta .

All right , that thing is reading 100 and 4400 and 45 .

So , the only thing I'm gonna do now is add another pile of butter to this .

Well , this thing's resting for a minute and then we're gonna get it off on our plate , let it rest for about five or 10 minutes or so .

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Let this butter melt down .

We're gonna pour this on this .

So , there folks is one of the juiciest T bone steaks you're ever gonna have .


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