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2023-07-09 14:05:52

Vegetable Pasta Bake tasty, filling comfort food

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today , I'm gonna show you how to make this delicious vegetable pasta bake .

Welcome back to our kitchen , where we show you how to make delicious family friendly recipes .

If you're a vegetarian cooking for a vegetarian or simply trying to have some more meat free meals , then this veggie pasta bake is perfect .

It's packed with flavour and loads of veggies .

I've got the oven preheated to 190 C or 375 F , and we're gonna start by park cooking the pasta .

I've got 400 grammes or 14 ounces of dried pasta here .

I love to use rigatoni and pasta bakes , but you can use any pasta shakes that you like .

We're gonna place the rigatoni in a pan of boiling water .

We're going to cook the pasta for one minute less than it says on the packet , as you don't want to fully cook it .

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At this stage , whilst the pasta's cooking , we're gonna prepare the sauce and the veggies .

We'll start by heating a tablespoon of oil over a medium heat in a large frying pan to the pan and a large red onion that's been peeled and chopped into wedges .

Next in goes one roughly chopped red and one roughly chopped yellow bell pepper and a chopped courgette or zucchini , then we'll add two cloves of minced garlic , a tablespoon of tomato puree or paste , a pinch of salt and pepper and half a teaspoon each of dried thyme and oregano .

Stir everything together and cook for 2 to 3 minutes .

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Stir in 2 400 gramme or 14 ounce tins of chopped tomatoes , then add 100 and 20 mil or half a cup of double or heavy cream .

Stir and bring to a gentle bubble that pasta's cooked so I've just drained it , and now we're gonna add to the pan .

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Add in 100 grammes or three packed cups of fresh baby spinach and stir everything together , Then transfer to a large baking dish topped with 100 grammes or one packed cup each of grated cheddar and grated mozzarella and place in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes , until the cheese is golden brown .

Take it out of the oven and Sprinkle on some chopped fresh parsley before serving and there you go .

That's my veggie pasta .

Bake a really delicious and versatile dish .

You can use any veggies that you got in , and it's great for vegetarians or meat eaters alike .

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And it's a great way to get extra veggies into the Children .

I hope you enjoyed the recipe .

See you next time .


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