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2023-07-08 09:03:48

Suddenly Pasta Salad - Food Product Review

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Hey guys so much going on on the show .

It's crazy .

It's good to be back in the kitchen though .

Uh This is coming up .

I'm filming this this weekend .

So be looking for soda stream review .

I got it right here .

I also bought the crystal light fruit punch and the Doctor Pete , which obviously is supposed to be like Doctor Pepper .

So my son loves Doctor Pepper .

So we're gonna have him taste tested and this just came in the mail .

This is my next goodie box and it is the heaviest one .

There's something big in here .

There is the he , this is the heaviest box .

I've got to date and it sounds like liquid or something slushing around in there .

But today is a quick food review .

That's right .

That's what we're doing .

And it's called Suddenly Pasta Salad .

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I saw a commercial for this just recently and I thought Great Memorial , you know , day weekend and we'll , we'll be able to check this out .

So let's do this real quick as I always recommend before you get started , lay everything out .

This was very simple .

It was two tablespoons of oil , three tablespoons of water the seasoning packet .

The pasta is on the stove right now and I'm gonna dice up a tomato too because I want some tomato in this .

So the pasta is gonna cook for about 12 minutes .

So , let's get this started .

Oh , yeah .

Am I like the weakest cook on TV , or what ?

That's the beauty of having a knife in the kitchen , huh ?

Here we go .

Put your water in , put your oil in .

Give it all good .

Mixing lot of strong smell in there .

Nice .

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Got my past all drained and it's got bits of uh bell red bell pepper in there too .

So make sure see how it sticks at the bottom .

Make sure you scrape all that out .

Just take a moment to get those .

You don't wanna lose the the bell pepper .

So gonna toss in a little bit of chopped up tomatoes .

I got a little bit of green bell pepper to go in there .

I don't want too much .

I kind of cut more than I needed .

So just to give a little extra extra kick there .

How does that look instead of putting a serving dish ?

See how much it really makes .

Alright .

Now let's give it a try .

Hm .

Smells good .

It smells like pasta salad .

Hm .

Not very good .

You know , this is good .

It's good .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Throw the tomatoes in dice some tomatoes .

It makes all the difference in the world .

Um I will say this , this is probably for about four people max as a side dish .

Ok .

So if you're doing this for Memorial Day weekend or any gathering , you're probably gonna need two boxes .

Ok ?

The only downfall is that this doesn't have a lot of pasta in it .

Ok .

So if you like to make it from scratch , make it from scratch .

Does suddenly pasta salad work .

Yes , it does .

It is a success .

Give it a try .

I'll see you on the next episode .


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