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2023-07-08 09:25:13

Ninja Foodi Ribeye Steak & Potato & Corn on Cob in One Pot Steam Air Fryer all at the same time

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Two rib eye steaks , two baked potatoes and , uh , four or five years of those miniature frozen corn on the cob all at the same time .

And Ninja's latest and Greatest , I guess they put this out for the 2021 Christmas season and , uh , it's a one lid device and you may know all about it , but I call it the one lid .

Wonder it , steam fries .

It pressure cooks .

It's got a thermometer .

It does a lot .

I , I've , I've loved it so far , but we're about to cook all of that pretty much at the same time .

I'm gonna cook the potatoes in the corn a little ahead and then get them started and then we're gonna stop at a certain point and put those two rib eye steaks , both of them right on top .

Let all that juice and stuff right on top of those potatoes in that corn .

I think you're gonna be impressed .

Let's get it started .

Ok .

So here comes what I'm gonna do tonight .

Now , I've done a similar recipe and I'll explain that in a minute .

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But tonight these are the two rib eyes I'm doing , I'm gonna do them both at the same time and they're nice thick rib eyes .

But I'm not gonna put those in the pot at this time .

I'm gonna put the potatoes that you have right here .

Do you see right here , these two baking potatoes they're going in the bottom and then four or five years of corn are going here .

In other words , this will be sitting on top of that , the corn will be on top of it .

And then when I get to a point , I'm gonna say around 1 70 in these potatoes because I look for 200 degrees on a potato .

Then once I get around 1 70 I'm gonna open it up , put my steaks right here and turn this over to broil and then we're gonna broil those and I figure it'll take , it might take 20 minutes or so with two steaks , usually with one steak , you can get about eight , you know , figure 15 minutes , but with two , we're gonna learn .

So I'm gonna get that started .

I'm gonna get this set up and I'll be right back .

Ok .

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So I do want to point out something that happened last night to keep you possibly from doing it to yours .

But I've , I've already put my one cup of water .

It is already in there .

I'm gonna show you what happened last night with a bonehead I did and , uh , you can see it right there if you see that cable a little bit of damage on that cable .

Now , I've tested it and it still works .

So I hope it stays that way .

But I'll explain in a minute once we get all this started , how I did it where maybe you won't do that and if you'll notice right here , I'm making sure my cable has plenty of slack .

I've turned my potato to where it does where it's able to have that slack and not be in a condition where it might , you know , fold up or get in the way .

Because when you close that lid , you wanna make sure everything's good .

I'm going to go ahead and put this on .

Although that's where the steaks are going , but I'd just rather have it sitting there .

But there you go .

Six ears of corn , two bacon potatoes .

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Got my thermometer in my largest potato .

I'm going to close it .

I've got it set to steam crisp , uh , section .

Making sure you can see what I'm doing .

I'm gonna take it to 400 degrees .

I'm gonna press manual and I'm gonna take this to , I'm gonna say 1 75 because my , my intention is to , I want my potatoes to be 200 degrees .

I wanna be able to , uh , put my steaks on and it finished that extra 25 degrees while those steaks are cooking it .

I , I know it's probably common sense but anyhow , I'm vented , we're off and running and , uh , I'll get my act together and show you those ribs .

I did last night and kind of explain what happened there .

So I'll be back .

Ok .

So to , to get back to what happened last night with that cable .

And also to show you this , I was a little concerned last night with doing that potato sitting in that water , as I'm sure a lot of people are .

Well , it , it , it worked excellent .

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You can see , I was able to eat all of the , the skin and all it kind of turns into a broth .

You know , it , it , it , it works .

I'll just leave it at that .

But what happened to that cable or what I did wrong was I had uh four racks of these three rib sections and should have just went with three and I'll , you'll see all that in the video .

You won't see where I did .

I didn't , the part where I heard this , I didn't even realize it .

So I didn't , it's not , I didn't capture that .

I'll put it like that .

But what happened , I believe I'm almost positive is they're really close to that element in the top of this device .

It's closer than the older ninja .

And in other words , what happened was that cable was laying on top of that rib or one of those ribs , especially maybe one of the fatter ones that was probably about that thick and it was just really close to that element and it , it burnt that outer sheathing .

Now , it doesn't look hurt and I went on their website tonight and tried to get another one and , uh , it didn't show it .

So I'm hoping they make that available .

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But anyhow now , you know , ok , so I just opened it and I'm gonna show you why I am changing my method .

There is my corn .

Well , I'm not stopping .

It's not bad .

It'll be ok .

It's just , I gotta do something with that corn .

So , what I'm going to do is I'm gonna take the corn out .

It'll be fine .

Take my word .

It needs some butter and it'll work .

Uh , next time I've got to do a little bit of different , but this is mainly about the steak and potatoes anyhow , but it didn't do that last night , but I know why because those ribs were on top of it .

So long story short , I'm gonna close this back down .

Let the potatoes keep cooking .

It's just a , it's part of the learning curve .

Hey , it's good for y'all to see that too .

But you see , it's not gonna hurt it .

Some butter will fix that .

So I'm gonna get those off , get them in a bowl and then we're gonna go pretty much straight on with those because , well , I'm gonna get those in a bowl .

Let me get that done .

OK .

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There they are in that bowl with a pretty good , uh , uh helping your butter on them and there's no reason I can see to wait for these potatoes to get to , uh , 1 75 .

Again , the potatoes can do a lot of things .

I can finish them while those steaks are resting .

I will let you see those , they look good and they're at 1 67 .

So I gotta get my glove back on because those things , that thing's still hot and I'm gonna set this back in there with the top rack still on there .

Again , I think last night those ribs shielded it or blocked it from that excess heat .

But again , it , it , we're all learning and I hope that that may help you in some way .

And I'll tell you something else , these potatoes are gonna hit 1 75 in a minute .

So , uh , it's gonna turn , gonna try and turn it off .

I guess we , you know what , I'm not sure it will on broil , but we're about to find out .

So right there .

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In fact , I want a little bit of room between them and I got salt and pepper .

That's all I got .

That's how I got my rib eyes set up .

I'm going to , I may turn it off .

Let's just see and make sure that don't what I did last night doesn't happen again .

So I'm gonna move that cable right there .

Yeah , I'm gonna have to do something with it because that's exactly what happened last night .

It folded over and then got on top of that rib and then it was really , really close to that element .

So I'm gonna turn this a little bit and get it to do that right there .

Make sure it's still plugged in and then kind of watch it and make sure it goes off to the side when you see the potatoes already hit 1 70 .

So , what I wanna do , I'm gonna turn it off .

I'm gonna take it over here .

I , I may have to open and raise the lid and watch that cable again and , uh , just to reset it completely .

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In fact , I am a little edgy about that cable now because I don't want it going away .

You know , they don't have one on the website and , uh , right now we are down and ready .

I'm going to go to , uh , right there and it still offers me the , uh , manual .

So it will cut it off if you have a temperature set .

But we're not gonna put a temp because all we're gonna do is broil those steaks and I'm gonna check those with my thermo .

We are off and running back .

All right , there's how they look after .

I kind of hit them with a little bit of butter and they're not bad .

In fact , it kind of gives them a little bit of a grill to look or something .

They'll be fine .

Take my word .

So , no harm , no foul .

Ok , we're coming up on five minutes of broil .

I'm dying to know what they look like and you can see , man , they look good already .

I'm gonna let them go a little bit longer .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I am a little nervous about that cable and it looks fine .

So now , you know , we're back in a minute .

Ok , we're coming up on six minutes because they look pretty close .

Right .

Then I have raised the camera so you can see in there a little better and I think they need flipping and that's what I'm going to do because I'm gonna add time .

Of course we're at , uh , well , there's been about 5.5 minutes passed as all is passed and I wanna get this side seared .

They're already seasoned our salt and peppered on this side .

So here we go , I'll check temps when that ends at four minutes and 19 seconds .

Ok , we're coming up on the end of 10 minutes .

I'm kind of shocked .

We're gonna definitely take some readings .

Now that element is so close on this device .

But look at that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I mean , they look really good and just like always air frying a steak is , uh , it , it always shocks me .

Let's see what we got .

1 16 , I mean , that would probably rest out at , at , at Rare .

There's 1 21 19 .

So we're not far from where , uh , 1 28 is where I , you know where I pull them .

So I'm , I'm gonna let that , I'm gonna set it back now and I'm gonna let it run for .

I don't know , I'm gonna set it up for , maybe , maybe , uh , uh , we'll just let it run and I'm gonna watch it .

So I'm gonna say probably another two minutes , but I'll be back .

Ok , I'm gonna open it up right now .

I mean , I'm getting a little bit of smoke but nothing drastic , but it happened way faster than I was expecting again .

It , it , it just blows me away every time I air fry steak .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's a really good way that , uh , not a lot of people do .

We are there one , well , 1 23 .

Yeah , maybe so .

Maybe I flip it and let it go just because that was right in the 1 21 .

I'm gonna flip it and let it go another minute or two .

I'm gonna see what it looks like on the other side .

Uh , an air fried steak is underrated .

I'll , I'll put it like that , in my opinion .

It's not , it's not as , uh , popular as it should be .

Now , those potatoes , I think I can get a reading from my thermometer in a minute , but we'll worry about that when I get these steaks done .

But , well , there ain't a lot more to be said .

They , they look excellent .

Make sure my , well , I'm gonna have to set this camera back where it can hold itself and I can guide this cable because I don't wanna damage it again .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But now , you know .

Ok , so I know that's not , but like another minute and a half , but it just makes me a little edgy .

I , I don't wanna overshoot my stakes .

I don't like one burn up .

And you see , we're , we are definitely as far as I'm going just how long it take .

It's really quick .

I mean , I might , should have lifted that lid a little early because you see , I'm one at best 1 41 .

There's a 1 35 that makes me feel a little better .

I'd rather got them at 1 28 .

Now , I might have , should have pulled them while ago , but hey , it's not a crisis .

What I'm gonna do , I'm gonna put them right there and then I'm gonna see if I can find a way to read those potatoes s with , uh , with what's already there and I'll show you what they look like because they are covered in that , uh , the , the juice from that steak and I'd love for the , uh , the corn to have been that way .

Maybe I should have put it in the bottom too , but it , we're learning and , uh , that means a bunch to me .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm gonna hold this down and see if it'll let me have it .

There you go .

1 92 .

I held down the manual button .

So I'm gonna let it run while these rest because my target is 200 .

But there's a pretty good window on a potato and I imagine when that rested it would make 200 but 200 to say 1 95 to say 2 10 is per , is perfect .

Nothing wrong with it .

But I'm gonna hush and get this kind of set up and get ready .

All right , while that rested .

Approximately five minutes , we got to 1 97 .

So we're about to take those out , line them up and you see , I kind of pretty those up but those corn up , it doesn't , they , they'll be fine .

And , uh , a lot of times things like that kind of surprise you , but it is part of cooking .

It really is .

And honestly , it happens quite often .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I like to cry over my camera .

I like to got my tripod but I survived that .

Let's see .

Here comes this 11 97 which is a perfect temperature for a potato .

You can see now it does get a little nasty in the bottom looks like .

But you take my word that this material right here and if you've ever owned a ninja , you know , that will wipe right out .

So I'm gonna make some pictures of that .

I'm not really sure how I'm gonna do my thumbnails , but I got time .

So I'm gonna make some pictures of that right there and then we're gonna cut those steaks and even those potatoes .

So I'll be back .

Ok .

There it is after it's rested a few minutes and I made a few pictures but I mean , you can see that the corn did get a little burn on one end .

But quite honestly , I got a feeling it'll be fine .

I keep apologizing for it , but it just might work .

What we're gonna do is cut this one right in half and , uh , see what it looks like right now .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We just do it like that and that looks like to me what anybody I've ever met will eat .

Now again , if you don't want yours that , uh , red , you , you just do it a little longer .

I mean , it's , it's all common sense but this right here , if you ask me is what makes eating a steak , uh , good and it's an air fryer .

Not only that , we just did potatoes , corn on the cob a , a full course , everything you need right here .

So I'm gonna lay that out and , uh , yeah , I'm probably gonna make pictures of that , but I'm gonna show it to y'all first and , uh , let's just , let's just get a snake bite right here and you can see it .

It , it's , it's my perfect temp .

That's , that's what I like .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And I could tell by looking , I didn't have to eat it .

That's good .

There you go .

So I'm gonna do the same thing .

The potato and the potato is 200 degrees .

So , I mean that if you know that's the target temp for any potato and that was no different .

And the corn .

Let's see .

Mhm .

And we try to burn , I'm not gonna be able to talk .

Mhm .

Nothing wrong with any of it all done in really reasonable time .

But mainly inside in your , well , Ninja .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I , again , I forget the one , their 2021 Christmas season .

Uh , I love the thing .

I'm not gonna lie .

I do .

I love it because of that thermometer and it does other things .

Uh , you know , I won't get into that but it releases automatically .

It steam fries , it air fries and it pressure cooks .

But anyhow , you see what you can get , you see how easy it is , how fast it was .

I think that ended up like around , I don't remember .

I had to look back on it but like 13 or 14 minutes for two rib eyes on , bro .

And again , they're cooked perfect uh steakhouse quality and probably better than most steakhouses go to it .

They are mine because they always overcook or undercook or something .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Mine when you cook your own , you know what you got , especially when you use a thermometer of some kind .

But hey , I love y'all all and it's taken a while to chew up all this food and then I put in my mouth while we were talking .

But I hope you try this .

I at least hope you try an air fried steak .

That's the , the thing that I think is underrated with air fryers .

You don't see it enough .

It's really good .

Anyhow .

Hey , I love y'all .

I'm not sure I can get in this frame but I love y'all .

Y'all come back to see me have AAA great night .

Try one of these .

Bye .

All right .

I already put my microphone up and everything , but I don't know how I'm gonna insert this in there , but I forgot to show you the potato , which is absolutely as good as you might have expected , just as everything else is here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's , it's an excellent meal .

Absolutely .

But anyhow , I see if I can find a way to put it in .


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