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2023-07-10 08:44:41

STEAK TACOS _ Carne Asada Recipe _ How To Make Mexican Street Tacos

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Hey guys , it's Jasmine .

Thank you for clicking on my video .

And today I'm making steak tacos .

So if you're interested , just keep watching .

So first I'm starting off with a pound and a half of skirt cut steak that I let it out for about an hour or two to get the room temperature .

And I'm just gonna dust it over with some kosher salt on both sides and make sure you don't use too much because you don't want it to be salty , but you also wanna make sure you use a nut .

So just do what I'm doing right now .

I'm gonna cut up my steak into small size cubes .

I like to cut mine up pretty small so it can cook evenly and be very tender .

And as you can see here , this is about the size I cut them into here .

Now , I'm gonna get started with our marinade and first we're gonna start with two tablespoons of , what's the share sauce ?

Is that how you say it ?

What's the share sauce ?

And we're gonna do one tablespoon of olive oil .

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Uh two teaspoons of chili powder , one teaspoon of ground oregano and one teaspoon of garlic powder and then you just wanna go ahead and whisk that up together really ?

Well , now we're just gonna add all of our steak pieces into the marinade and we're gonna mix that up very well .

We wanna make sure we have an even coating of marinade on each piece of steak .

Now , we're gonna take a large size Ziploc bag and we're gonna , um , put our meat inside of the bag and we're gonna let it marinate for at least an hour or you can do it overnight or , you know , whatever suits your fancy .

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Now , after about 45 minutes , I'm gonna get started on my tortillas and I have a skillet that's preheated to 375 F and a bowl of cold water .

And I'm gonna use yellow corn tortillas because that's what I prefer .

But you can use whatever you want .

And what I'm gonna do here is dip my tortilla into the cold water and then I'm gonna put it into my skillet .

Um , we do this because tortillas corn tortillas are usually very dry and we wanna add some moisture into them and after 30 seconds , uh , we flip them over and we cut them for another 30 seconds .

Now , what we wanna do is make sure these tortillas stay warm until we're ready to make our tacos .

So we put them into a Ziploc bag and you just put one on top of the other and it's gonna keep them warm , it's gonna keep all the steam inside and keep them warm .

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So right here you see , all of my tortillas are ready and they're gonna stay warm .

Alright .

So now I'm , now I'm adding one tablespoon of olive oil to that same skillet that we cooked our tortillas in and the skillet is on the same temperature 375 F .

I'm gonna add my steak into the skillet and I'm going to cook this for about 4 to 5 minutes , stirring it the whole time , you know , just flipping it and tossing it over and I'll come back when I'm all done with that .

All right .

So after about 4 to 5 minutes of cooking , I'm gonna take an oven safe dish or , well , a broiler safe dish because I'm gonna add all of my meat .

I'm gonna move all of my meat from my skillet to my baking dish and I'm gonna , uh , make sure you pour all of the juices into the bacon dish as well .

So your meat stays juicy and I'm gonna put this into my broiler .

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I already have my broiler preheated to 525 F .

And I'm gonna put that into my broiler for about 4 to 5 minutes .

So that my steak get a nice coloring on it as if we grill this steak right now .

I'm back with my steak out the broiler .

It has a really nice color and Now I'm just taking me a plate with some limes and I'm gonna take my tortillas , which you can see it's still steaming hot because I like to use two corn tortillas per taco because corn tortillas can be very fragile and you just want to give it that extra barrier of coating to make sure that your taco doesn't fall apart .

And as you can see , I'm just stuffing my corn tortilla shells with the steak and I'll be back when I'm all done with that .

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Right now .

I have all of my tortilla shell stuff .

Now I'm gonna add in some yellow onion that's been diced pre diced .

And I also have some fresh cilantro leaves that I chopped up myself .

I like to chop them up because I just feel like when you chop them up , it releases all the flavors and aromas and feel free to add whatever you like onto your tacos .

It's completely up to you and we are all done .

As you can see you guys , these tacos look amazing .

They were so good .

The steak was so moist juicy .

It was tender and yeah .

So if you like this recipe , feel free to go ahead and like and leave a comment .

I like when you guys comment and don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you next time .

Bye bye .

Thank you so much .


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