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2023-07-08 09:30:19

How To Cook Sushi Rice & Prepare Sushi Rice Vinegar

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And welcome to No .

Sushi bar .

This is Master Suf Hero .

Hi , how are you ?

How are you ?

Excellent .

So here , what are we gonna be doing today today in sushi vine ?

OK .

And sushi rice .

Yeah , we have a lot of fans have been asking how to make it .

I guess there's a lot of information out on youtube but they want to know how you do it .

So , all right .

So show us ingredient is , here , is a R vinegar here has a 250 CCR vinegar here .

OK .

And then uh 10 0 sugar in here and then 10 salt .

OK .

And this is a seaweed in Japanese we call OK .

This is a basic thing that where can you buy this seaweed or supermarket ?

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Ok .

They have it ready available ?

They have it there .

OK .

OK .

OK .

So they gonna give you guys the that blood sugar and then salt , right ?

It's also important to mention that we use uh plastic instead of any metal because of the vinegar .

If you're just mixing it just for temporarily , then I guess it's ok .

But when you want to store it , make sure you store it in all plastic of any metal containers .

So you don't have any chemical reaction with the , with the vinegar kind of metal .

And also you can also buy this at the um , supermarket all done already .

Yes .

Right .

They order the , the made one , I mean , the uh season one season .

Right .

So you can buy those and that would eliminate this step .

Also , I have a powder one too , powder one you just mix .

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Ok , bye .

Yeah .

10 .

What does the seaweed smell like ?

Can you give us a description of it ?

Smelled like ocean or like the ocean ?

Right ?

So here we have what this is called dried cup .

And this is uh one of the chicken ingredients that we use for the seasoning of the sushi rice vinegar .

So talk about about how much you just tear up a small sheet .

I get a small amount for 250 CC democracy .

Let's take a look at that amount that looks like .

So maybe maybe like a three inch by two inch piece of sheet .

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And you were saying , oh , this is a little milky now and the past , you know the car was milky , right ?

But after serving and uh wait a little bit .

So to began became that clear it up to use .

How long do you need to wait after these are mixed up that people can use it ?

Uh maybe 30 minutes or 30 minutes .

Is it ok ?

And of course , you know uh what a little more the overnighters maybe .

How do you do ?

Uh do you need to refrigerate it ?

Right .

Thank you .

Thank you .

Do that .

OK .

All right .

So that's it .

This is the sushi , sushi vinegar , vinegar .

So we're gonna add to the rice when it's done .

Perfect .

All right .

So the next step after this , we need to go to the rice here we have the , this is actually the medium grain rice from Publix .

This is highly recommended .

It's hard to find short grain all the time , but medium grain will do .

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This amount is £3 here and we're going to show you how to do it .

OK .

Bye bye .

OK .

We're going to continue this video by showing you how to wash the rice .

And what kind of rice to choose here ?

We have an aroma rice cooker .

This is just a regular residential rate .

You can find it at Target or Walmart .

This is a larger container you can , this probably went for about 40 $50 and this is our rice from public something you can pick up at your local supermarket , medium grain rice .

All right .

In this in here right here .

Show us what uh what would you do ?

How do you do it ?

Uh We're gonna make those uh social rice .

We're gonna make those steam rice .

OK .

OK .

So what's the secret all these years that you were learning as a chef growing up in Japan ?

And so many people say , well , you know , in order to be a chef , you need to cook rice the right way , show us how to do it the right way .

And as you're doing it , show us what not to do .

Is there anything that the chefs that you learned from ?

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Told you not to do what you preparing the rice ?

Anyway , most important thing is that they show between the ice and the water .

OK ?

So that's a very , very key point .

OK ?

£1 .

So we're going to use 16 ounces , 16 ounces .

So 16 not is I mean you can make uh 8 to 10 OK .

It does depend on how much should I uh should I use for one load ?

But uh you know uh loads usually two ounces we use in the two os for one load .

So two ounces OK ?

Two ounces of rice per row .

Perfect .

So this is ounce here .

OK .

16 ounces .

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Yeah , let's have a wash the rice .

OK ?

Here we are , we're going to watch this rice .

16 ounce OK .

Here OK .

The regular cold water , cold you just basically just mess around trying to watch any impurities .

What's the special technique of washing rice ?

Is there a special technique ?

Uh not to uh special techniques is not , but not to do is of course not smashing , no , smash the rice .

OK .

Kind of stir it around .

She's kind of cloudy .

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And how many times did you use ?

In total .

03 times , three times or four times .

Ok .

You want to do it until it's clear , basically .

Right .

We have , so look this here .

Ok .

Keep going sooner .

Birth that he's a trainer that much .

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Then the water part of the water is exactly the same amount of the ice .

Ok .

And we're ready .

Ok .

Perfect .

All right .

That's it .

Very simple .

Start to wait for that .

See , this is great .

It's got a solution for a weight , raise brown , raise saute simmer steam and also slow cook .

And your little timer here .

I should tell you the display the amount of time , which is about 2025 minutes .

All right .

Well , that's it .

All right .

See you in a couple of minutes .

All right .

Here we are .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is done already .

Let's take a look at it here .

I see .

Look at that freshly steamed white rice .

You can't get too close because the lens will fuck up .

OK ?

So what's the next step I said ?

So this is our finished product , right ?

This is our rice vinegar .

And how many ounces is in uh four ounces ?

Four ounces OK .

Into the 16 ounces .

OK .

The traditional way to do it is actually use a wooden container and container .

Well , we call it the OK .

This is , yeah , this is a family style .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is for your home use just mix it in here or you can use the plastic also .

OK .

That's fine .

Yeah .

Sometimes the race itself has some impurities .

You need to look at it and this motion that you're doing , you're sifting through , kind of cooling off the rice as well .

So don't , don't , uh , not to do is not , don't push on and smash it .

Yes , of course .

Like cutting , like a cutting motion .

Ok .

Just get the air through there after this is done .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

How long do you leave it outside for before you can use it ?

Whatever it's cooling down , uh temperature going down to the uh your skin temperature .

And here we have it , our finished product .

And what are you gonna do here here ?

OK .

So we're gonna use a uh we OK to the ice .

Of course , this is a brand new unused cloth stamp .

Does it help the cooling process ?

All right , perfect .

And then let's talk about the seaweed .

What this cool down ?

This is two different types .

One is a blue cap .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We know that on youtube .

Some people advise you now that actually there's two sides to show that one is a rough side and this is a shiny side , smooth side .

This is uh already hot .

She , no , he will tell us which side do you put the rice on ?

I do um uh basically , you know , if , if rolls inside our ros rice coming outside , to be honest , it's not really , it doesn't matter which side do you put on the ice .

OK .

But uh we have a tradition on the , um , sea coming outside .

So basically we do the , uh , we gonna put the r on the , the rough side coming up right .

There's some people on youtube telling , instructing people to use the rough side down if you don't have a cutting board , which is absolutely the furthest from the truth .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Has nothing to do with the cutting board has to do with the only thing I can't show you .

No .

Well , our sea is getting wet .

You put the size in the down and , and especially cut ball , stick on the cutting board .

OK ?

So shining inside , maybe avoid those out .

OK ?

So put , OK .

Got it .

OK .

Here .

Let's look at the product one more time .

The finished product have sushi rice ready to go .

Beautiful .

If you like this video .

If you think it's been informative , we just ask you to give us a thumbs up .

Thanks for watching .

Comment below if you have any questions and we'll see you in our next episode .

Thank you so much .

Thank you .


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