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2023-07-11 07:12:00

No-Knead Multigrain Whole Wheat Bread… super easy… no machines (updated)

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Hi , I'm Steve and welcome to my kitchen today .

I wanna show you how to make no need .

Multi grain whole wheat bread like these .

You'll enjoy this bread , 16 ounces , cool tap water , one and one half , teaspoon salt .

I do a heaping teaspoon .

One quarter , teaspoon is the yeast and I Sprinkle things in .

So they're distributed a little bit better .

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One tablespoon sesame seeds , one tablespoon of flax seeds , give it a little stir to combine .

Then one tablespoon extra virgin olive oil combined .

When I make whole wheat bread , I use two cups of bread , flour and 1.5 cups of wheat .

But you can do whatever you want .

If you want to use all whole wheat , you can , it depends upon the quality of your whole wheat .

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The bread flour helps with the nutrition side and so forth , but it's up to you your choice .

So two cups , one , two , one and one half cups of wheat flour .

I'll start out with a half .

Yeah .

And then one cup .

Last item of the Quaker oats .

I do a half cup .

I put it on top of the flour .

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If you put the oats in first .

Sometimes they start absorbing the water .

I want them to go in a little bit later and this helps distribute the oats throughout the whole loaf .

I use a handle and of a spoon because if I use this end , I end up with a big clump on it , scrape from the sides .

Now I'm going to tumble it just a little bit just to make sure what's on the bottom , gets to the top and that is all combined .

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And there it is last item with plastic wrap and it's ready to proof .

No dough should be proofed 8 to 24 hours .

I generally proof overnight on the kitchen counter , the dough is proofed overnight .

It's time to make the bread before we get started .

I develop the poor man's Dutch and to shape dough into sandwich bread using the principles of a Dutch oven .

A poor man's Dutch oven is nothing more than two bread pans , one on top of the other secured by metal binder clips .

The poor man's Dutch oven will trap the steam and develop the crust just like a Dutch oven .

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Then you can control the color and hardness of the crust by the amount of time you leave the poor man Dutch oven with the top off just like a Dutch oven .

I'll start by spraying the pan with no stick spray , spray the bottom , spray the sides of just the bottom pan .

Now will degas pull and stretch the door , simply putting it in .

Ok , I'm gonna stripe the sides so that everything's in the ball .

Next step is to put oats that want to garnish the outside of the loaf .

The loaf is very sticky right now .

The oat will want a stick .

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That's a good thing .

And I don't care if I have too many oats there because if they don't stick , that's no problem .

And I take the , roll it in the oats and it's ready for the pan just simply roll it out there .

Last step , put the top on , add the binder clips .

These of course are metal binder clips and that loaf is ready to go .

I'm gonna do a second book just to show you that the recipe for the ingredients is completely different than the baking method .

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You can use any baking method with any recipe .

So once again , I'm going to start by spraying the vessel .

This is a long covered baker .

Start by degassing , pulling and stretching wheat .

Flour is more dense than regular flour .

OK ?

I'm gonna garnish it once again with oats , gonna roll it in the Oster coat .

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Now , the one thing that I'm going to do different this time is I'm also going to dust it with flour .

The reason I'm dusting it with flour is because I'm going to handle it .

Ok ?

You can roll it out on the counters , bring the flower out .

This is a long shape baker .

So what I'm doing right now , these aren't just a long e in the loaf rolling in the flour and the oats , it goes in cover it and they're both ready to proof proof dough for 30 to 60 minutes before dough is fully proofed .

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Move oven rack to the lower third of the oven and preheat the oven to 400 degrees .

Bake for 40 minutes at 400 degrees with the top on and 3 to 15 minutes with the top off to finish the crust .

The bird is ready .

Let's take a look .

And this is the results .

This is the bread pan .

Very , very nice loaf .

Very good for sandwiches .

And that , and this was a long covered baker .

No , right or wrong .

Just different shaped loafs and it's a pan that shapes the loaf .

This recipe and others like it are in my no need bread cookbook , cookbooks are available at my website .

No need bread central dot com and Amazon dot com .

Thanks for watching .


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