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2023-07-08 09:06:04

Katie Lee Cooks Pasta Puttanesca in Quarantine _ The Kitchen _ Food Network

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Pasta Putin .

Let's hit the pantry and get what we need .

First up , canned tomatoes to make my sauce .

I'm gonna use spaghetti for this .

So I've got a pot of water boil in here .

I'm gonna add to it some salt .

A full p bow and my pasta .

I'm gonna get over meta carbon in like some more pantry pulls for this recipe .

Anchovies olives .

So olives are always in pasta K and out of the fridge .

I'm gonna grab my capers .

So first step , we're just gonna put in a generous glug of olive oil .

Then I'm gonna add in my anchovies and you can add the anchovies oil as well .

If you like anchovies just kind of like melt into the oil .

Let's look at that sizzle .

Now it's time for some garlic .

So I'm just gonna do a rough chop on this garlic .

This is a pan .

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This and we start starting to dissolve our shred pepper up here .

I like a little spice in this .

I feel like a little heat in the family .

Give the stir .

Now , once the garlic goes in , I like to turn the heat down to low so that it doesn't burn .

I've got a can of whole tomatoes , put them into a bowl and crush them up my hand .

And now the tomatoes go in and we're just gonna let that simmer and now we're gonna add even more flavor than this pasta , black olives .

OK ?

It's just a rough chop on them straight in .

And now some capers .

I love the capers a little goes a long way when it comes to caper .

So I'm just putting it all in .

Add some freshly brown black pepper , turn the heat up just a little .

So when the sauce will start to thicken up and then I'm gonna add a little salt .

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Now , remember we've added a lot of salt to this between those olives and capers .

So you wanna just kind of taste your pasta sauce as it cooks and see how it goes and the pasta is just about done and get some water .

The water actually will help to thicken your sauce because there's pasta starch in there .

Now , I'm gonna drain that pasta .

I'm gonna get a facial .

I see you straight in there .

I can always eat that .

I'm gonna add in my parsley for one last toss .

Oh , ok .

Nice little pan shape pull .

I love pasta .

Mm .

I know .

Oh , pretty good .


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