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2023-07-09 14:08:06

PASTA PUTTANESCA - Original Italian recipe

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friends of Gela , and today we are going to prepare together a first course that will make your guests jump on the chair .

Few but good ingredients and lunches on the table .

Getting hungry must be the perfume in the air .

The origins of this dish are disputed between Lazzo and Campagna .

In fact , the virgins are multiple as well as the legends about its origin .

Let's make everyone happy with a drizzle of oil in the pan , some cloves of garlic that have already peeled , dried the chilli that I will mince and add to the saute capers uns salt that I had previously unsalted also to .

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These were given a rough mens , and in their go to and Avi and oil , I let a cook for five minutes at medium low temperature just long enough to melt the anchovies .

Some stories as cry .

The paternity of this dish to the famous to others to a cook who worked in a day and house in the Spanish neighbourhood who would feared maids and customers with their sauce .

One thing is for sure .

What do these two legends have in common is the explosive flavour of this dish , perfect at this point , we can add to the peeled tomatoes and cook them at median temperature for about 10 minutes .

Meanwhile , the water boils .

I have already sorted it .

The sauce is almost ready .

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What's missing is the unmistakable taste of Gaeta olives , unmistakable purple colour , their tapered shape and their flavour .

They will give that extra touch to our dish .

I am going to crush them with a knife roughly straight into Japan .

We can remove the garlic that has done its job .

I finish with a fresh parsley .

I drink the spaghetti directly in the pan , fixed here , look at this sauce and we can serve .

And here it is our first course on the table , a link down below the photo recipe on where we'll find doses , step by step procedure and especially the ingredients .

If you like .

Today's video leave a nice like If you have any questions , write them in the comments .

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The good old man will answer .

Maybe if you haven't done it yet .

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Let's see them together one day


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