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2023-07-09 14:15:03

Stereoman Makes Top Sirloin Steak on a George Foreman Grill

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Welcome to another episode of Stereo Man in the kitchen .

This evening , we're gonna be making some steak .

I'm gonna show you how to make a really good steak and doesn't even take that long at all .

So , if you're looking for a quick excellent , uh , meal , it's really easy to make a steak .

I'm gonna show you how to make it on George Foreman grill .

Starting off .

We're gonna use some , uh , sirloin here from the local Walmart , which is a really good state .

Uh , Walmart has great quality steaks and matter of fact , they should be paying me to , uh , advertise their stuff .

But , oh , well , no big deal .

But , um , at the Walmart steak and I'm gonna show you how to season it good how to marinate it .

You don't have to marinate it overnight .

Uh , you can , but do the time constraints not really want .

You don't have to do that and I'm gonna show you how I season it and you're gonna see the whole process and it's a very , very short process , very easy meal to make .

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So , come on , let's get started .

You can make slices into it as well .

Small slices into it because that helps the seasoning go through .

You don't have to slice all the way through just a little bit .

And then also it helps the meat to be more tender once it's cooked and the seasoning goes through and it tastes excellent .

Another cooking tip from stereo man .

Flip it over to the other side and do the same .

Then they're gonna season it , then it'll be time to throw it on the George Foreman grill .

Shout out to Chris Peterson of Bowling Brook .

Excellent cutting board .

I will be buying more from you Chris .

I'll be giving you more business and I will be putting his information up at the end of the video .

So anybody's interested in getting cutting board , give him a call .

He'll give you a great deal .

He hand builds them .

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So you always wash off your steak before you cook it .

So today we're gonna use some good uh So for seasoned salt , we're gonna use white pepper , which I used on a chicken the other day .

I'm gonna use the , a little bit of the spicy Montreal steak seasoning as well as lemon pepper .

Start with some seasoned salt here .

They trying to give me a picture too with your bitch ass .

You put the seasoned salt on and then you're gonna put a little white pepper on too .

You don't have to overdo it and then the Montreal seasoning a little bit of that , right ?

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No , no .

Then of course lemon pepper .

Gotta have that , put that thing .

Now , I'm gonna flip it over .

Same thing to the other side .

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Now it's ready to be put on the George Foreman grill .

But this is a small George Foreman grill .

So I'm gonna cut the steak in half .

Here's the first half to that .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Yeah .

And just check it periodically .

I like my steak .

Usually medium , well , sometimes well done .

Some people like theirs , like rare , which is like damn near raw .

It's like just warm on the outside , which I think is crazy as hell .

But like , you know , different people like different things .

So we'll be back after work from our sponsors .

Hey , everyone .

It's stereo man .

Again at Stereo Man .

Cooks on Twitter and Stereo Man can cook on youtube .

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Stay tuned tonight because we're gonna be uploading a video on an excellent snack for your kids or for yourself that requires minimal time , minimal ingredients and minimal expense , but has maximum taste .

So stay tuned and take a look on youtube and Twitter tonight for that video .

Now we're gonna check on , it's been a couple of minutes and it's looking pretty good here .

Looking very good , nice grill marks all that good stuff .

Um I'm going to cook for a little bit longer then I'm gonna cut into it and see how well done is .

Now we're gonna cut into it and see how it looks .

Yeah .

Mm .

Mm .

Mm .

Excellent .

This steak right .

Here is fire .

Yes .

Fuck , man .

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Why , why remember follow us and like us stereo , man can cook on youtube and stereo , man .

Cooks on Twitter .

We'll see you in the kitchen next time .

Bye .


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