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2023-07-08 09:25:47

Creamy Steak fettuccine Pasta _ How to Make Steak Pasta Better Than ANY Restaurant!

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Hi , everyone .

Welcome and welcome back to my channel .

Your girl is finally back .

I am feeling not 100% but we're here and today I'm showing you guys this bomb creamy steak , fettuccini pasta .

Oh my goodness .

Absolutely delish .

Ok , definitely , we'll make this again .

So if you want to see how it's done , keep on watching .

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All right , here's what you need to make today's recipe .

All of the ingredients will be found in the description box below .

If you want to know where that is at .

Click the title of this video , you will see the description box .

All right , I am using mince garlic , unsalted butter for my seasoning .

I'm using onion and garlic powder .

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Slap your mama seasoning creole seasoning , ground black pepper cream cheese , some cherry tomatoes , fresh spinach and some Parmesan cheese as well as some heavy cream .

Ok .

Next we have the steak here .

I'm using bone in rib steak , however you can use boneless .

I couldn't find any .

So yeah , that's what we're using .

I have some thyme .

You can use some rosemary as well with fresh garlic and to season my steak , I'm using onion and garlic powder with ground black pepper with some sea salt .

And last but not least we have the fettuccini pasta .

Ok .

Let's begin .

First thing first .

I am going to season my steak ahead of time because we want bold flavor here .

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So to season , I am going to rub some olive oil on the steak .

Now I am going to grab my seasoning and you guys see the seasoning .

I'm using , ok , just trust and believe this is going to be b plus of all the fresh garlic and the um time that I'm going to be adding in there .

Of course , if you have rosemary , like I said , you can add that as well , but we're going to be super heavy with the seasoning , ok ?

Do not play with the seasoning .

You have to be extremely heavy .

You will be losing some of the seasoning when it's cooking .

So that's why we go so heavy with the seasoning .

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Now that we have our steak nice and well seasoned , we're going to set it aside while we're moving on to our fettuccini noodles .

Ok .

Here I have my pot with about , I don't know , three or four cups of water .

I am going to add some chicken boon in there because you know , I got to come through with that .

Always whenever I make pasta , I have to add some chicken and some salt , allow it to come to a boil .

Once it start boiling , I am going to add my pasta in there .

Now , I'm going to let that cook for about uh 7 to 10 minutes .

Usually the timing is on the packaging .

This is about 12 ounces of fettuccini pasta .

Once it's al dente , you're going to remove it from the heat .

Drain out the hot water .

Do not pour cold water to your pasta because you are going to prevent the sauce from clinging to your pasta .

So don't pour any water .

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Just let it sit while you get ready to make this beautiful creamy sauce .

So to a skillet , I added two tablespoon of unsalted butter .

Once that , once that is melted , I am going in with my mince garlic .

I'm going to cook the garlic until it started to fragrance a little bit .

Then I am going to be adding my tomatoes .

I want to kind of release all that tomato juice , tomato flavor a bit .

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So I'm going to add the tomatoes now right now , I'm going to cook my tomatoes for about two minutes until you can see it's looking a little bit softer than before .

Then you can add your heavy cream .

Now that I added my heavy cream , I'm going in with my cream cheese .

Oh , this is what's going to make it extra creamy baby .

You gotta have that cream cheese and also I am going to be adding in my well , break that up as you can see it's cold from the fridge .

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Um Now I am going to add my Parmesan cheese in there .

Now , keep in mind this is creamy .

You can make this cheesy if you want .

I ain't mad at you .

You can by adding some mozzarella cheese or pepper jack cheese or whatever cheese that you do like .

But however , we're going to keep , we're going to keep this creamy , ok ?

So this is the seasoning .

I'm adding onion and garlic powder .

Crown black pepper .

Slap your mama .

I haven't used that seasoning in a while .

So and some Creole seasoning basically , if you don't have the Creole seasoning and the slap your mama , you can use whatever all purpose seasoning that you have at your house because I get a lot of questions about that .

So I'm going to add the Parmesan cheese , mix it up together .

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Now , once it's looking thick like this , it's time to add your spinach because you don't wanna add it too early .

You don't wanna add it too late because you don't wanna burn all of the vitamins from the spinach .

Of course , now I'm going to add the spinach .

Give it a stir .

I know a lot of you guys probably don't mess with spinach .

However , I do love me some spinach .

If you don't like it , just leave it out .

Leave it out .

Now is the perfect time for me to add the pasta .

So I'm going to add that in and you guys can you see how creamy the sauce is looking right now ?

It's so , so , so , so creamy .

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So I'm going to add the pasta and give it a nice stir .

And I'm going to let this simmer for about 2 to 3 minutes on low .

Just so the , the past the pasta can soak all of that sauce .

And basically , it's done , you can eat this by itself .

It's so good by itself .

It's so delicious .

You don't even need any protein , but we eat protein on this channel .

So let's get into the steak .

This is how I cook the steak .

Ok ?

I have a cast iron piping hot right now .

Ok .

It needs to be smoking to have that nice , beautiful crust on the steak .

So I'm going to add about one tablespoon of butter to my gas iron .

Once it's melted , I'm going to add the steak and keep that in mind .

It needs to be piping hot .

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Ok .

Now is the perfect time for me to add the steak .

Ok .

Just add your steak in .

Like I said , this needs to be piping hot , extremely hot .

So now I'm going to add the steak .

Now , it depends on how you like your steak .

If you like it well done .

Medium well , however , you like it , cook it to your liking .

Me personally , I like it medium well .

So this is the , the cut we're looking for on this one .

So I'm going to flip it over .

Oh , yes .

Beautiful .

This is what I was looking for .

So it's looking gorgeous .

As soon as you flip it over , you are going to add in your herbs .

Ok ?

You're going to add your fresh garlic with your thyme if you have rosemary , add that in there as well .

And then here's what you're going to do .

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You're going to baste your steak , you're going to grab a spoon , pick up the butter , the melted butter , just pour it all over the steak while the garlic and the herbs is on top of the steak to release all that beautiful garlicky her flavor all over your steak .

Ok .

This right here is a recipe by itself , but I wanna come through with showing you guys this complete recipe .

Obviously , that's why I show you guys this .

But if you want to eat this steak by itself , you can , it tastes so good .

It's so juicy .

Ok ?

Now that the steak is nice and done , I am going to remove it from the heat , place it to my cutting board .

I'm going to let it sit , just let it rest for about 10 minutes or 7 to 10 minutes .

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And at this point , you should see the steak releasing lots and lots and lots of juice , ok ?

And it's time for you to cut it .

So I'm going to cut this beautiful steak and I cannot wait .

Yes , this is the look that I was going for and yes , I have the beautiful medium wall .

Mm .

It looks so good .

So now I am going to plate it for you guys .

It's very simple .

I am going to place my pasta to a beautiful large plate .

Oh , look at the cut .

You guys .

Beautiful .

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Now I'm going to place the steak on top of the pasta for all of that juice right back on the steak and Sprinkle with some dry parsley .

And this is your creamy steak fettuccini pasta .

Let me know if you're going to try this out .

You guys , you have to try it out because this right here .

If you're a pasta lover like me , you're gonna wanna try this .

It's so bomb .

Thank you so much for watching today's recipe guys .

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I appreciate you taking your time to watch this video .

I know it's a little longer than usual and hopefully you try this out for the fan .

Hopefully they like it .

This is a 10 out of 10 would recommend type of recipe because it's b if you love pasta , you definitely going to enjoy it is and also I wanna give a big shout out to all of you guys who checked out my last video because if you watch it , you know , I was sick and my husband did the voice over a lot of you guys said , oh bring him back again , which I really appreciate .

And I wanna give a big shout out to my man .

Whip it up with Jay if you have and subscribe to him .

He has a youtube channel as well .

The link is below .

Go check it out .

You're going to love it because we all foodie fam over here .

But yeah , thank , thank you for watching guys .

Be sure to like this video if you did enjoy it , also subscribe if you know , I will see you guys soon on the next recipe .

I love .


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