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2023-07-08 09:22:30

A Delicious Steak Dinner Recipe

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Have fun with fire guys , but uh be smart with it .

Thank you all for watching again .

Thanks to .

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I have my been preheated to 400 degrees because we will end up tossing these potatoes in the oven .

All right .

So I'm gonna go ahead and drizzle some olive oil on these .

And then on the screen you see , I have listed the seasoning blend that we will be using to season up these potatoes .

Also proper guys , we can't just salt and pepper these potatoes .

These potatoes gotta come out right these potatoes gotta be precious .

So we gonna season them up crazy just like so , so once that's all said and done , you're gonna go ahead and transfer these potatoes into a oven safe pan and we have our oven , like I said , at 400 degrees .

And we're gonna let these go for about 2025 minutes into their nice golden brown and looking also beautiful .

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Moving on .

We're gonna be working with a sirloin , but of course , this recipe works for any cut of steak that you get your hands on .

So we're just rubbing a little bit of olive oil into these steaks and we are gonna season it very simply with salt and pepper guys .

No more , nothing less guys .

Just make sure both sides are well coated up in this salt and pepper .

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Now , at this point , you wanna get your cast iron pan smoking high , get that thing sizzling .

All right .

Go ahead and drop your steaks right up in there and you wanna get a nice , beautiful sear on each side of these steaks in my p and obviously you can see I could have got my P a whole lot hotter than I should have , but it's all good .

We're still gonna bring it all back in and we're still gonna have a beautiful delicious steak regardless of the sea .

And don't forget to turn on your ventilator on the top of your stove as well as open up all the windows and doves because your house gets so , so smoky cooking these steaks .

All right .

So what I did here is just drop a little bit of unsalted butter .

This is about a half a stick as well as , what was that ?

About 67 cloves of garlic , you know , as much garlic as you like .

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And I got my rosemary in there as well and what we're doing , we're just basting this steak guys and you wanna kinda cook it to whatever temperature you want .

Some people like their steak rare , medium rare .

Uh , well done .

It's all up to you .

Um , kind of have a thermometer in hand and kind of pull once you reach your temperature , put it to the side , let it rest moving on in that same pan .

We're gonna go ahead and cook up this asparagus .

What I did was drizzle a little bit of soy sauce on top of this asparagus .

Nothing , nothing much needed for this .

You know what I mean ?

Just let it go for a little bit .

I don't know about 34 minutes or so .

Give them a toss here and there and you're pretty much ready to play it up .

I'm gonna go ahead and slice into this beautiful sirloin and plate up guys .

It is so , so good , so full of flavor .

Ready to eat .

Ready to go .

All right .

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And do not forget to drop that butter from the pan right on top of your steak .

Just like .

So guys , this is a classic simple dish right here .

You have your steak , you have your asparagus , you have your potatoes so simple but yet so delicious .

Guys , this is a wonderful recipe and I know for a absolute fact you will love it and I can't wait for you to try it out .

I will see you on the next video .

Guys des .


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