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2023-07-10 08:43:02

Cooking Steak in Cast Iron _ The Constant Flip Method

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Everybody has their own steak video today .

I'm going to show you how I make steak .

I'm going to be cooking this beautiful rib eye and I'm going to be using a coffee rub for the seasoning at the end to season the rib eye .

I'm gonna season with Kosher Salt only .

And then towards the end , once the steak is almost done , I'm going to be using a coffee rub .

Now , this coffee rub I made with just some regular uh store bought steak seasoning and some coffee grounds mixed together .

Make sure it's steak seasoning , not just regular season on .

And when you mix it mix two tablespoons of steak seasoning to one tablespoon of coffee grounds .

Ok .

And you can see how that looks that's gonna be really good .

So here we go .

The best thing that I found to cook a steak in is a cast iron skillet .

Today , I'm gonna be using this large 12 inch skillet and this is actually the first piece of cast iron that I ever owned .

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I've got the skillet heating over high heat and we want to get this skillet blazing hot so that we get a good sear on our steak .

There's a million ways to cook a steak .

What I'm going to demonstrate today is what I call the constant flip method .

It's a method of flipping your steak about every 30 seconds .

So that the steak browns evenly on both sides , cooking evenly from both sides as well .

I've already seasoned this a little bit with kosher salt , but I'm gonna season this a little bit more with a little more salt .

The important thing about seasoning a steak is use salt only when you cook the steak and once the steak is almost done , apply your rub .

The reason you want to do this is because if you apply the rub at the beginning , all it's gonna do is burn and you're gonna end up with just a black steak .

So we're gonna just season right now with Kosher salt and we're gonna use a good amount .

Some of it is gonna come off in the pan and yes , the rub does have some salt in it , but not enough to really make a difference .

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So we've got that good and season and now we're gonna add two tablespoons of vegetable oil to our pan and we're gonna start cooking .

All right , we're gonna add about a couple of tablespoons of oil to this pan .

Don't need a lot and it is gonna smoke a little bit .

I'm using vegetable oil has this high smoke point .

You never want to use olive oil for high temperature cooking like this .

And we are gonna add our steak and here it goes , we're gonna let this go for 30 seconds and then we're gonna flip it .

And here we go with our first flip .

It was a big and then we go with our second flip , it's doing great every 30 seconds flip that sta right .

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And we're gonna flip again and you can see the color on that coming right in .

Beautiful and flex and what ?

Very nice .

And here we go here , beautiful .

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They're starting to form a really nice crust that's gonna be really good , beautiful color on that nice .

All right .

The next thing we're gonna do now that it's almost done .

I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna apply my copy rub to this state .

Now you're gonna get a lot of smoke from this but never threat .

Just open the window .

You get it really good .

And also at this time , I'm gonna add some butter that's really smoking and we're gonna throw in some garlic cloves and some fresh rosemary .

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Mhm .

You know when all that's cooking down , we're gonna go ahead and flip this and look at the color on that .

Get your rosemary down in your butter and now we're gonna season this side as well .

What I I'm just gonna , I'm gonna go ahead and use a generous amount .

Some of it's gonna come off that's fine and some of it's gonna cook right onto the steak and that's what we want .

And now we don't wanna do this long because we don't want that rug to burn .

We just want it to , uh , just kind of get a good crust on the steak and then get it out of here .

All right , it's been cooking for about 30 seconds .

So we're gonna flip it again and then look at that .

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Oh , that's beautiful .

All right .

And I'm gonna do , I'm gonna put a little bit more rub on there .

You kick that flavor up a notch and we're gonna let the other side cook for its 30 seconds .

And then I think we'll flip it one more time for about 15 seconds and then we'll be done .

You can see how rosemary is cooking down .

It's crisping up , all the garlic is cooking down .

It's nice .

It's gonna be really good to eat with the steak .

I wanna go ahead and flip this one more time and look at the color on that .

That's beautiful .

And there you have it .

That's a beautiful rib eye .

And I'll take some of this butter .

I'm just gonna kind of spoon it over the steak a little bit , a little dark because that seasoning is in there and it's getting really dark .

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But , uh , that's got a lot of intense flavor in it .

Good enough and we are going to check this out and let it rest .

Ok ?

The steak is still resting .

I just have a couple more minutes , but uh it has a really nice dark crust on it .

Um , partly from that coffee being so dark .

It looks beautiful , looks really good , wonderful crust on that .

Ok .

Here's the moment of truth , we're gonna cut right down the middle and see how we did on the cook temperature on the inside .

So here we go nice and tender and we have a perfect medium , perfect , medium warm pink center .

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You see that and as you can see , the juice didn't run out on my board .

So I let it rest long enough .

But that's perfect .

Look at that .

All the juice has stayed in there .

It's still nice and tender and that's a perfectly cooked steak .

I hope you can see the color on that in the video , but just a nice warm pink center , the outside is nice and crusty and you could just see .

Look how tender that is .

That's what I love about , uh , rib eyes .

They have that great marbling in them and that fat just adds a lot of flavor to the steak .

But , um , that's a great steak , great steak .

So let me try a little bit .

Hm .

That's great .

So that is how I do steak .

I do the constant flip method .

Uh , I used to do the , uh method where I would put it in the oven for a little bit , but this works great .

I think it almost works even better because you get a better crust on the steak .

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So try it out .

Let me know how you like it .

I saw , um , chefs like Gordon Ramsey do this method , uh , a bunch of times and I love it .

So this is my preferred way of doing steak now .

Thank you .


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