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2023-07-10 09:20:12

How to Cook Brown Rice in a Rice Cooker

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Look , this is going to be easy .

This is rice cooking for dummies , right ?

Um So right here it says cups , but it's really , it's gonna tell you how many cups of rice that you are going to be cooking .

This right here says two cups , which is how much brown rice I have .

Now , if I were cooking white rice , I would take my water and I would fill it up to the two cups of rice notch .

But because I'm cooking brown rice which needs a little more water .

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I am gonna fill it to the three cup notch , which is right here and then I'm gonna feel real accomplished and genius about myself because once you've done that there's nowhere to go but done .

OK .

Um OK , so we got that .

I'm gonna put just equivalent of a little pinch of salt in there .

I ain't gonna put the lid on that , gonna plug it in because that's how appliances work .

I didn't know I was also a scientist and turn it on .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The cook light is on when it's done , the cook light's gonna go off by itself .

It's a miracle .

Yeah , I , I have a cheat sheet .

It , it says , it says , look at hand just weird .

I did it though .

I didn't even need to use it really .

And now ladies and germs .

40 minutes of World of Warcraft later , we have perfectly cooked brown rice .

Behold the steam holes .


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