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2023-07-10 09:17:59

How to Make Chicken and Rice in the Slow Cooker~Easy Cooking

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Hey guys , today , I'm gonna make some chicken and rice in the slow cooker .

So let's get cracking .

I'm going to use some rice and frozen mixed vegetables for this .

It's pretty simple recipe .

So I'm gonna use equal parts rice , vegetables and water .

So I'm gonna use two cups of rice .

I'll just show you one .

So I'll put the other one in , in a minute .

So the two cups of rice , two cups of these frozen mixed vegetables and then two cups of water .

And I've used , this is jasmine rice .

I've used brown rice as well and it turned out pretty good .

Now I'm gonna add one of these chicken boon cubes to this .

It says that I use uh two cups of water with one of these cubes .

So that's what I've used .

There's two cups of water in there .

So I'll try to crumble that up the best I can there .

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And um also gonna add just a little bit of pepper and a little bit of onion powder .

You know , I like my onion powder .

So we'll Sprinkle in a little onion powder there as well .

Maybe a tablespoon or so .

And we'll get this all mixed up the best that I can for the chicken .

I'm going to use these four chicken thighs .

These were 2 99 a pound .

This is £1.95 .

So these were $5.83 .

I was actually going to get boneless skinless thighs .

But those are like $7 a pound or something .

So I might forget that .

But , so I'm just gonna use these and I'm gonna pull the skin off .

I guess you could use breast if you want it as well .

But I don't really like the way the skin turns out in the slow cooker .

So , um I'm gonna pull it off .

Plus I don't want the extra fat there really .

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So if you run hot water over the , the chicken like that , the skin will usually just pull right off and then you can just pull skin right off like that before I get the lid on .

I'm gonna season the chicken with some of this kinder mild barbecue rub on both sides .

Um , this is kind of like seasoning salt .

So you could use seasoning salt if you want it or just salt and pepper or um , even chicken seasoning , just whatever you like .

Now , we'll get the lid on there .

Now , I'm going to cook this for 3.5 hours on high .

It's been 2.5 hours and this chicken looks like it might be done to me .

Let me check the temperature with my quick read thermometer .

Oh , yeah , that's done .

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You want it at least 1 65 ?

That's well above that .

So I'm just going to shut it off right there .

I'll let this cool down for a little bit .

Let's see how it looks .

Now , here's how the chicken looks underneath looks good .

And you can see the rice looks like it's cooked pretty well in the vegetables .

So let me get some on a plate and we'll give it a taste test .

This rice is not very salty , which is good because I like putting a little bit of soy sauce on there and eating it that way .

Let's cut into the chicken and see how it looks here .

All right .

That looks pretty good .

OK , we cut off a piece here and we'll try it out .

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One thing I will say is the chicken is a little bit drier this way and I think it's for one because I took the skin off .

But also I think the rice soaks up a lot of the moisture in the pot as well , but it is healthier that way .

See what a taste test dog thinks .

If she chokes , we'll know it's dry .

Well , she had to chew a little more than normal , but not bad , I guess .

So , that took 3.5 hours to cook the other day , but it was done in 2.5 today .

But I did have the pot turned on in the beginning of the video when I was getting everything in there and stuff .

So that might be why .

So I'll say 3.5 on high , but might be able to start checking it at about 2.5 .

Anyway , I'll write all the ingredients in the description .

Thanks for watching .

See you guys .


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