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2023-07-09 14:06:24

Spaghetti Bolognese _ Pasta Bolognese _ Italian Special _ Spaghetti Recipe By Chef Varun Inamdar

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Hey guys , it's me , the nada yet again and welcome to get curried .

Well , today's recipe is spaghetti bolognese .

Well , there's no recipe as such .

Spaghetti is spaghetti and we all know about it .

They're long thin strands of pasta and bolognese is a meat rago from bologna uh traditionally served as with uh but because it's world famous , everyone loves it .

Let's begin .

Spaghetti bolognaise .

I'm going to divide this recipe of spaghetti bolognaise into three components .

The first one is getting the Ragu right , which is a meat sauce .

The second one is getting the cooking of the spaghetti , correct ?

And the third one is of course , assembling all of it .

Let's begin with the first step and that is heating a pan on high flame and beginning with olive oil .

Well , Italians believe in good quality produce .

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So ensure they're using only good quality ingredients .

Once the oil just kind of begins to heat up , I'm gonna slide in roughly chopped garlic a little more because it's a meat sauce .

And before this begins to heat , I'm also gonna add in white onions which are roughly chopped a little more again because like I said , it's a meat sauce .

All of this is going to wilt down and add into the body of the meat sauce .

Some salt , well , salt in this recipe needs to be added with absolute moderation because at multiple levels , salt is gonna be added one while of course , now saut the onions .

Second while cooking the meat .

The third is while cooking the pasta in later .

And there's also Parmesan cheese , which is one of the core ingredients of this recipe , which is also salted .

So please use that with caution .

Let's stir this for a little while .

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Once the onions turn translucent , I'm gonna add in goat meat with the fat and this is also hand pounded meat .

This is not through any machine .

So it of course , has the little grits which are a little larger than the machine .

Ground ones ensure that the meat gets seared on all the sides .

And while we are doing this for the meat this time , I'm also adding a pinch of salt .

It's important to start breaking all this meat like .

So you literally need to knock it with a spatula because you do not want clumps like Kofta .

Once the meat loses its pink color and starts becoming slightly brown , I'm gonna lower the flame and add in tomatoes .

Now , these are tomatoes which are blanched , peeled , de seeded and crushed with this .

I have another ingredient which is right here .

Now , once you run the tomatoes through a mixy jar , you have a lot which is still left .

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Just add in some water and collect this because this is nothing but tomato juice , which is very important in a recipe like this .

Let's add that in as well .

You're gonna add in some herbs .

Now , in this case , oregano , you gonna tear in some fresh basil leaves by all means , go all out and add some Parmesan cheese , grated Parmesan , which is the life of this recipe .

And last but not the least freshly cracked black pepper to this .

I'm also adding in a touch of spice .

Well , you can keep it moderate .

You can make it spicy .

But this trust me is flavorful and never spicy mix .

This well , increase the flame , just ensure that the natural goodness of every ingredient comes together while cooking the meat .

One last thing here is adding in a ladle full of hot water .

Now , this is water which has been kept here to boil for the spaghetti to get cooked .

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Let's add in a little and allow this to cook on medium to high flame covered for 20 to 30 minutes .

A meat rago is cooked .

Let's have a quick check .

The water has evaporated and also rolled back in the like I said , a little earlier rag is nothing but a meat stew .

It has to cook low and slow so that it's nice , flavorful and intense at the same time .

Let's have a quick check .

Hm .

Just about perfect .

We'll allow this to cook on low flame and simultaneously in the water which is boiling , which also has salt .

Let's add in spaghetti .

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But it's important to just keep it standing like so and leave it , which is very important never break the spaghetti because that way you are in a way insulting the ingredient , just leave it like soap and as it keeps boiling at the bottom , you just keep pushing it like so and that's why you have spaghetti strands which are nice and long even after cooking , let's push this in like so and there you have the spaghetti which is now all in water and not broken .

Now , this is also very important to kind of understand how much water to salt for every liter of water we add in one tablespoon of sea salt .

The eventual idea is to get the salt as salty as seawater .

Very important .

Another very important thing while making pasta while cooking pasta is uh the cooking time .

What is the exact time that needs to be followed ?

Generally 99% of the time .

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It is always written at the back of the packet in case you're using a fresh pasta , then 4 to 5 minutes depending on the thickness is just perfect .

In case of dried pasta , 7 to 8 minutes is kind of ideal .

But that is for getting the pasta to the texture called which is to the bite in Italian .

But I like it slightly cooked further .

So nine minutes is the time for me .

But again , you can take your own call .

It's been nine minutes and spaghetti is perfectly cooked .

Let's pick and transfer it straight in the meat sauce .

Well , generally , like I said , even a little before is the preferred pasta for a sauce like this because it kind of just holds it well , spaghetti , whoever invented it , it just kind of slides off .

But like I told you even earlier , this is something which is became world famous .

So spaghetti bolognese is the dish for the day into the sauce .

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I'm also adding a little full of this cooking liquid because that now has the flour or the starch , which has leed wonderfully well .

So that flame goes off .

This kind of goes a little higher .

I'm sprinkling some freshly chopped parsley , a little more of the Parmesan .

I'm preserving a little for the finish and some olive oil another quick swirl .

Just ensure that all of this now mix as well .

And with this , your spaghetti bolognaise is done and ready in case you want it slightly saucier , just add in another ladle of water or stock or the pasta liquid .

And then you have the most amazing saucy spaghetti bolognaise .

The next step is to serve this right away .

Now , finally , some more parsley , some more Parmesan and of course , some more olive oil with this .

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Your family favorite .

Spaghetti bolognese is done and ready .

Impress them .

Go all out , make something that's quick , simple , easy sit with your family and enjoy spaghetti like so bye .


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