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2023-07-09 14:20:41

How to cook Perfect Red Rice in less time - No Soaking Required _ Weight Loss Recipes

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Hello everyone .

I'm Nima and welcome back to our ma's healthy recipes .

Today , I'm gonna show you how to cook red rice perfectly that too .

Without soaking red rice is much more healthier than the white rice .

It has lots of benefits .

The white rice we consume is a refined version .

What happens is while it is processed , the outer layer is removed which contains all the nutrients and fibers .

Whereas the red rice still has the husk over it , which is red in color , which is rich in nutrients , antioxidants and fibers .

The red rice is rich in fiber which helps in weight loss .

Red rice has low glycaemic index which helps in controlling the sugar level in the body making it good for diabetic patient .

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The rich magnesium content in the red rice helps in improving the oxygen circulation in the body .

It is loaded with insoluble and soluble fibers which helps in digestion and gut health consuming red rice keeps you full for a long time .

Hence helping in weight loss .

It also helps in reducing bad cholesterol .

It is a red source of iron , take half cup red rice , wash it well and then strain it So the washed red rice is ready , take the mixy jar and add the washed rice into it .

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Now just blitz it two times one second each .

We are doing this to break down the rice .

Once we break down the rice , it cooks faster .

We are not soaking the rice here .

So if you cook the rice without soaking and also in full , it will take a long time to get it cooked .

So it's better to blitz it , break it down and then cook it here .

You can see that the rice is split into two by doing so you can save your time as well as fuel .

Don't grind it too much .

It will become , you know , so powdery .

So when you cook it , it will be like porridge .

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Now place the pressure cooker on the stew and add the broken red rice , add 1.5 cups of water .

It's one is to three ratio .

You have taken half cup of rice .

So three times the half cup that is 1.5 cups .

Now cook it over a medium flame , cook it for one whistle , put off the stove and keep it aside to rest for 20 minutes .

Open the cooker .

After 20 minutes , you can see that there is still water present in it .

So what we're gonna do now is to cook it for another one vessel on medium flame .

If you cook it in a single go , that is two whistles in a single go without giving any rest in between .

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What happens is all the water comes out and it will not be cooked properly , put off the stove and wait until there is no steam coming out of the cooker .

It's perfectly cooked .

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Now , if you like this video then subscribe , like , comment and share , see you soon with a new video until then .

Bye .


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