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2023-07-10 08:48:00

Cooking a steak following Chef Jean-Pierre

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How to cook the perfect steak because I know everybody's saying it so many steak tutorials on the internet but that lip got me hooked .

The secret of a good steak .

We want to get rid of the moisture .

The secret of all my cooking is starting with bloody meat .

I uh you wanna put it enough salt .

We're gonna rub it in , put some salt and then rub it in and we're gonna put it back in the , on the other side and also the other side , put some on the side as well as the side .

Every time I'm watching somebody doing it wrong .

I'm like mom , I , me if I do this right , I hope he'll be like nice job team .

We're gonna put this in the fridge .

Friends at least 45 minutes .

We're gonna put our friends in the fridge for 45 minutes .

The process of osmosis is gonna , um , remove , you're gonna see .

It's gonna , I think he's trying to say that the salt will draw out the moisture from the meat .

So now we're ready to cook and you know , it's all about the cost .

So an avocado oil just canola oil .

Here , but we're still gonna get a nice crust .

Salt we got already .

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I think he just did a , I like to get it about 400 degrees .

If you don't have one of those , skip an eye there , you keeping an eye on it ?

Beautiful big , big steak .

Don't touch it when you preface a subject matter with beautiful , big , big .

It makes me wanna touch it .

If you push over here , it's medium rare .

If you push it over there , it's rare .

If you put it there , it's well done .

Hello ?

Try to touch your wife .

I think he's trying to say that everybody's hand is different so you can't do the palm test for .

Done this and we're starting to build the crust .

We're gonna put it in the oven total of about six minutes .

Once it develops a crust , we're gonna put it in the oven for six minutes .

We're gonna take it out .

We're gonna add a little bit of butter while I render the fat on the side .

I'm gonna put in a little bit of butter time plus time .

Shout outs and garlic and garlic .

Look at this .

Look at this .

You look at this little baby like a well done .

God bless you .

It doesn't matter .

It .

Don't let anybody tell you what , that's the wrong way to eat .

That's a really good point .

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It seems like there's no right way of cooking a steak on the internet , just do whatever works .

For you .

This is a $100 thermometer .

We're looking for 1 20 to take it out .

This is a free thermometer I got from school .

We're looking for 1 20 .

I'm gonna put it back in the oven for a little bit .

We're gonna put it right there and we're gonna take a little bit of this right there on top .

Once it reaches 1 20 we're gonna put the butter on top .

You need to let it rest about 10 minutes .

Let the steak rest for about 10 minutes .

Dang , beautiful , beautiful , beautiful , beautiful , beautiful , beautiful , beautiful .

All right , bitch .

Oh , sorry .

I've been watching QC P too much .

This looks tiny , bit overcooked , but let's try it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's extremely tender .

The salt , not only perfectly seasoned , the steak , but also intensified the crust .

I think max , the meat guy calls it dry brine .

I'll start doing that from now on .

All right .

Thank you .


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