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2023-07-11 06:58:31

How To Play - E Major Scale - Guitar Lesson For Beginners

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Hello everyone .

Welcome to Rashi .

Uh In this episode , we will learn how to play E major skill .

Please practice major scale .

The major scale only then come to E major scale .

It will help you a lot .

If you move in particular sequence to play E major scale , our root note is on threat number seven or string .

Number five , C was here D is here .

So E is here or number seven or string number five .

Again , the fingering pattern remains the same 24124134 .

So the pattern is two , starting from E four , come down 124 , come down 134 .

Let's play major scale 24 , come down 12 , come down 134 .

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I'll slow it down .

4124 .

And we , the notes that I'm playing are ef sharp , G sharp , abc , sharp , T , sharp BFGT BC T play the forward and the backward , ascending and descending for the skill .

So how do we play that ?

Two , 4124134 shall be shopping backwards .

Keep practicing this forward and backward .

This will also help you to speed up your fingers on the freight board .

Keep playing this for all those skills that you know .

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So uh that was a major scale .

Hope you like the video , do subscribe to rare learn and keep posting your views and your suggestions and also keep following all the theory relations that's going to help you a lot in future .

Thank you .

Bye bye .


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