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Hey , what's up today ?

I'm gonna show you guys how to make the perfect cast iron skillet steak .

We're gonna be using our comma Joe Junior for this cook .

I have some leftover charcoal inside my comma Joe Junior .

We're going to add a little bit more and I light it up .

Of course , since this is a junior , I don't want the biggest junks in there .

So either you gotta break them up or smash them .

Sorry , I'm not normally a violent person looks absolutely perfect time to put our fire stars in .

Light them up and wait for a charcoal to be fully lit .

Of course , any good cast iron skilled steak starts with cast iron .

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So you're gonna be needing a skillet which has sufficient size for your steak to fit into and a little bit more .

And that leads us to our beautiful steak .

Look at this rib eye .

Look at that marbling .

This is 100 and 20 days grain fat rib eye steak .

This thing looks absolutely amazing .

Can't wait to eat it .

Of course , we need to cook it first .

The biggest advantage of using a skillet is it will give you the absolutely beautiful crust on the outside of your steak .

What that cast iron does ?

It , it will retain the heat and it will stick to your steak and then it will release it , building up that crust and building it up .

And that's what the differences between a cast iron skill and steak and an ordinary steak .

Our coals are nice and hot so it's time to put our skillet onto the grill grate .

We want our cast iron skillet to heat up and retain a lot of energy .

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Once our pan is hot , we're going to pour in a little bit of olive oil .

Now , contrary to popular belief , olive oil can have a high smoke point and that's important .

The high smoke point means when your oil starts smoking and practically starts burning .

If you have an olive oil , which is extra virgin , you have a low smoke point , which means it will start smoking early .

And when you have a normal olive oil , an original olive oil , the cold most of the time it has a high smoke point .

So we are going to use an original olive oil with my hand .

I'm gonna check the temperature of our cast iron skillet .

Now don't touch the iron , you're gonna get burned , but you can see that it's getting hot .

We're getting a little bit of blue smoke time to put in our olive oil .

Make sure that the oil gets everywhere .

We know our pan is hot .

Time to put in the steak immediately .

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You get that smell of your steak searing .

This is fantastic .

We need a good sear .

We're going to leave the steak as it is for a while .

We want it to build up that crust first .

Before we start moving it around .

You can see that we got a beautiful crust on one side .

It's time to flip it .

Now we'll start searing the other side .

Now that we have a good bit of crust on both sides of our steak .

We're going to close the bottom vent and lower the temperature in our skillet .

We need our steak to cook .

We don't want to have just that crust and raw inside .

So we're slowing it down and we're going to add flavor .

We'll put in a lump of butter and we're going to let that melt into the pan to add flavor .

We're going to add two twigs of rosemary and six Twix of thyme .

We'll break up two garlic cloves and add them to the pan .

The smell that we're getting out of that pan is just mind blowing .

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We smell butter , we smell the fresh herbs .

It's all coming together .

Now we need to do is slowly let that steak come up to temperature while we keep on building that crust .

Now , that is the cast iron sheer .

It looks absolutely amazing .

You can see that the crust is getting a little bit dry on the inside from this point on .

We're basically frying the steak and butter .

Just keep flipping and flipping our steak building up and building up that crust .

Look at how gorgeous that is .

In the meantime , we keep checking the temperature at the core of our steak , making sure that we don't overcook it .

We're looking for a core temperature of 54 degrees Celsius .

Our steak is done .

It's time to take it off the skillet and let it rest on the board resting .

The steak is one of the most important parts of the cooking process .

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It helps relaxing the muscle fibers in the steak again , making it as tender as can be .

And at the same time , all of the fat that rendered out in the steak is spreading out and giving that steak the beautiful flavor .

And while our steak is resting , we'll Sprinkle on a little bit of Malbon salt .

The main feature of this steak is the crunch of its crust and listen to this .

Now , that is what I call a crust that slice into it .

Boy .

Nice .

Now that is a good looking steak .

That crust is absolutely insane .

Now , it's time for my favorite part of this show , the taste test and especially with this steak because we added so much flavor and hopefully the crunch is there .

Here we go .

Oh , cast iron steak crunch .

It's insane .

Grain fat steak .

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100 and 20 days with a crust like this gorgeous we added all that flavor , the garlic , the rosemary , the thyme .

It did such a good job in elevating the flavors of the steak even more .

You can wake me up in the middle of the night for a steak like this .

You wanna try one ?

Mm I like the crush .

That literally is crunchy .

It's crackling in your mouth .

It's deep fried steak .

Basically .

Really , really good stuff .

Do we get the dance ?

We don't force the dance and to work my game .

You gave it a try this because you did it .

Mm mm mm While we are finishing up this play .

I wanna wish you guys uh I don't know , wish I , I wish you all the best .

But what I really want to say is thank you guys for watching .

I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did then you know , let us know .

Leave us a big thumbs up and comment down below big .

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Thank you to all of our patrons and our youtube members .

You guys freaking rock .

But you know by now thank you very much notification squad and everybody that we have forgotten .

Big shout out to all of you guys hope to see you guys next time until then it's back .

Luck and keep on grilling II I oh .


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