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How To Cook Minute Steak with Chef Tracy Malechek-Ezekiel _ Made In Cookware

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Soft black .

First one more time .

Steak is a quick cooking steak .

I love this dish because it's restaurant quality at home .

The peppercorn sauce is kind of elevated .

The potatoes are really crispy .

It's really easy going and approachable but packs a punch .

Hello , my name is Tracy .

I'm the chef and co owner of Birdie's in East Austin .

Today we're making one of my favorite French beef show classics .

Minute steak with peppercorn sauce and rosemary potatoes .

These are the ingredients you're gonna need to pick up .

Of course , the star of the show are steak beef stock , brandy , red potatoes shallots .

Garlic , rosemary thyme , butter , heavy cream , green peppercorns and brine , salt and pepper and a little bit of sherry vinegar .

First thing we're going to cut our potatoes so I like to cut the red potatoes into big chunks .

I don't like to go too big because I like to smash them .

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We're just looking to cut them into even size uh pieces .

So they all cook evenly .

If you can't find red potatoes , you can use Yukon gold potatoes or fingerling .

Really ?

Any waxy potato will do .

Just don't use Idaho .

Once the potatoes are cut .

I like to put them right into water .

So they don't oxidize and turn color and topping with salt just for the sake of time .

And so the potatoes don't get waterlogged .

I turn up to high right away and then once it's at a moving simmer , then I'll knock it down to a round medium or whatever heats appropriate to maintain that simmer .

I'm going to grab my shallot .

Give it a quick peel .

Now , I'm just going to give the shallots a quick mince .

If this makes you nervous , maybe your knife is not super sharp or you're not really confident in your knife skills .

That's OK .

You can just slice it really thin , but I'm just grabbing the garlic .

We just need two for this recipe .

You just wanna pop the garlic out of its shell .

These are gonna be for our potatoes in a minute .

I like to peel off the rosemary from the stem and give it a chop .

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I really love rosemary with this dish .

It just brings a really lovely piny flavor to it .

I do like to cut the rosemary a little bit smaller so I don't get big chunks of rosemary in every bite .

The time .

We're just going to leave that hole on its brig and going to check the potatoes to see how they're doing .

The potatoes have come out to a boil .

I'm going to reduce the heat so it maintains a simmer .

The potatoes are ready whenever a cake tester glides on through with no resistance .

If you don't have a cake tester lying around , you can use a paring knife or a fork .

Once the potatoes are cooked , turn them in a colander after the potatoes are drained , place them on a plate with a paper towel .

And once they're cool , we'll give them a smash and into the pan while the potato is cool .

I'm going to divide my steak .

This steak is around 9.5 ounces before I season .

I like to give it a quick dry off with some paper towels .

So I dry it off .

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So I get a nice sear and there's not too much moisture hitting the pan once that's nice and dry .

I just give it a liberal seasoning of salt and pepper when I season .

I like to season above .

If I season too close , I'm not getting a nice even spread of the salt .

It just goes in one place .

So always whenever you're seasoning go from above a little salt by action .

So preheat your pan on medium high .

Leave it there for 30 seconds to a minute .

Once that pan's warmed up , I like to confirm it's hot .

I just put my hand over it and if it feels pretty warm , we're good .

Also , be careful with steak .

I like to use grape seed oil .

It's a neutral oil and it has a high smoking point .

I do love olive oil .

However it will burn at this high temperature .

You kind of want to get the temperature till right before it starts smoking and then you're good to go .

I like to press it down .

You can do this with a spatula .

I use my hand because I do work with steaks a lot .

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The steaks are gonna go about 2 to 3 minutes per side .

It depends on how thick the steak is and how long it's tempered .

The steaks only tempered for five minutes or so .

It's gonna take a little bit longer .

If it's well tempered around 20 or 30 minutes , it's going to go a little bit quicker .

I took the steaks out whenever the cake tester came out to be pretty warm .

I like to just leave it inside the thickest part of the steak and then give it a check on my wrist to make sure it's pretty warm .

If you like your steaks more well cooked , you can make sure the inside is very hot .

Another trick if you don't have a cake tester around is give it a touch and then you can touch the part on your hand if you make this , this guy and then just touch it right here .

It's about that softness for medium rare .

Once your steak is cooked to your desired temperature , let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes in a warm spot .

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You can also loosely cover it with foil to keep it warm and then I'm going to dump out the hot , extra fat and save the fond from the pan .

The fond is the little bits of meat left behind .

All of that's gonna flavor the peppercorn sauce .

Now that the potatoes have dried and cooled , I'm just going to smash them with the heel in my hand .

This is a very rustic technique and I'm just getting them nice and squished so I can get them golden brown on both sides .

Next step is to preheat the pan .

I like to preheat it to medium high .

Kind of like with the steak .

We'll get it nice and hot and then we'll carefully go on with grape seed and then carefully down with the potatoes .

I let them go 2 to 3 minutes until the base becomes golden brown .

Once they're golden , I'll flip them carefully away from me .

So I don't myself .

And then I'll add the smashed cloves of garlic to the pan that'll steep into the oil and make everything really fragrant .

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Um After about two minutes or so , we'll take the rosemary stir that in very carefully and let that bloom and let the rawness cook off .

And I'm just going to very carefully put it back on that plate that's been lined with a paper towel and I'll reserve this in a warm place back to our reserve steak pan that we saved .

I'm back up to about medium heat .

I'm going to add a tablespoon of butter , let that melt for a second .

Now that the butter is melted , I'm adding the shallots the whole time .

Give it a pinch of salt and I'll be stirring this often .

So it doesn't burn .

Definitely .

Don't walk away at this point .

Don't let your dogs or your spouse or your friends distract you .

I cook the shallots for around 30 seconds to a minute .

Just until it looks like it's starting to be translucent .

It'll start getting very light brown around the corners .

That's when you know it's almost done .

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Go in with black pepper bloom the pepper for about 10 to 15 seconds until it opens up .

And then I'm going to go in very carefully with our brandy .

Give it a good shake and a stir after adding the brandy , I'm really careful to stir it all up and get all of those bits of fond and flavor .

So that ultimately goes on to our sauce and is it left behind in the pan ?

So just bringing it all the way down to where extra liquid isn't running around the pan .

If you don't reduce it all the way down , it's gonna taste like raw alcohol .

The way I know that it's ready is when I can drag a spatula or a spoon and it kind of leaves a trail .

I'm going to add my beef stock .

Our beef sauce is reduced by about two thirds to a half .

It looks a little bit thicker .

Now , I'm going to add my heavy cream and the green peppercorns and brine .

I'm still cooking on medium heat .

Reducing the heavy cream will take around 1 to 2 minutes once it starts to thicken and I can do the drag .

Leave a trail move .

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Then I'm going to reduce the heat to low and mount in the butter .

Don't walk away at this point .

You want to be stirring this all the time .

We're just going to be melting the butter .

Make sure the sauce is super creamy and bring it to the right viscosity .

I like to check to make sure the sauce is the right viscosity or thickness by taking the back of a spoon and making sure it's what the French call .

If the sauce is a a and it's too thin , just keep cooking it , let that water reduce until it does become to this point .

If it looks like it's getting a little gloopy or too thick , that's totally fine .

Just add a little splash of water , water to thin it out of touch .

I'm gonna add sherry vinegar .

Just a couple drops .

Give that a stir and make sure that's really tasty when tasting the sauce .

Make sure it tastes bright , peppery and rich .

The butter and the cream bring that richness if you need to give it any more pepper .

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If you were light handed before you could give it now and then if it tastes a little flat and too heavy , give it a little more sherry vinegar to elevate it and give it a little more , um , acidity in the home stretch .

Our steak is rested .

Find the grain .

If you're not familiar with the grain , it's just essentially those lines that run through the meat .

If you don't slice against the grain , it might taste a little chewy .

So you really want to cut that grain for a more tender bite .

I like to slice around a quarter inch thick that way , it's not too chewy and then plate up once the steak has been sliced , I like to shingle a little bit for a nice presentation .

Of course , finishing salt and very carefully and evenly season each slice last but not least .

Favorite part we're saucing our very beautiful steak smells so good , really aromatic from those herbs in that sauce from the rosemary and the potatoes .

I cannot wait to try this minute steak with rosemary potatoes and peppercorn sauce .

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The sauce is so peppery bright from the sherry vinegar .

A little sharp from the green peppercorns and brine .

The steaks really tender .

The potatoes are really soft on the inside but crispy on the exterior .

The rosemary gives a really nice piny note goes awesome with the steak sauce .

Thanks again for joining me cooking this minute steak with peppercorn sauce and rosemary potatoes .

Please drop in birdie anytime you're around .

Austin .

Say hello .

Once again , I'm Tracy , the chef and co owner


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