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2023-07-08 09:17:20

How to Turn MUSHROOMS Into STEAK _ Vegan Portobello Mushroom Steak Recipe

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And the moment you've all been waiting for .

Mm .

Oh my God .

Hey guys , it's me .

Can the veg today ?

I thought that I would show you guys how to make a Irish inspired steak sandwich .

I'm so excited because today's video is sponsored by Napoleon .

I don't really celebrate Saint Patrick's Day much like I don't celebrate a lot of those kind of holidays , but I , I do kind of because of the food today .

I'm gonna show you how to make a Portobello steak into a steak sandwich and also how to vegan very popular Irish dish side dish , Co Cannon , which is essentially potatoes and greens , but it's just , it's , it's not that simple .

It's so good .

And we are going to be cooking the Port Bello burgers on the barbecue .

So , yeah , a little bit more on Napoleon later .

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Let's look at our ingredients , our dishes and kind of give a little run through of what we're going to do .

All right .

So the steak part of our Irish steak sandwich is going to be Portobello mushrooms .

I'm going to do like my basic Portobello steak .

But the great thing about this sandwich , we're going to use Guinness to kind of make it like a , there's something called a Dublin or dip .

It's a dip with like onions and Guinness and cheese and it's really , really tasty .

So that was kind of the inspiration for this sandwich .

But I'm also going to show you how to make a Guinness barbecue sauce .

So , Guinness is kind of like the big show here .

The Hero Flavor for a lot of this .

We're gonna start with a these mushrooms .

I would definitely marinade them for no less than 30 minutes .

We could even do them overnight .

This recipe is a really good kind of make a head recipe .

But yeah , so ingredients wise we of course have portable mushrooms , the bigger the better if you want four sandwiches anywhere between kind of like four and six are good depending on their size .

I'm going to marinate that in steak spice .

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So whatever your favorite steak spice is is fine .

Even if you have one of those like burger mix like spice mix in things you can use that .

We have some vegan Worcestershire , liquid smoke , of course , olive oil and balsamic vinegar .

Alright .

So get yourself a dish that is shallow but big enough for your port of mushrooms .

I find these casserole dishes are just perfect for that or if you have one of those Long Tupperware and I'm just gonna mix the marinade right in the dish .

So starting off with the vinegar , we have the vegan Worcestershire , if you don't have access to Vegan , Worcestershire , you can just use barbecue sauce , that's fine .

Olive oil , liquid smoke and our steak spice and then just give it a quick mix and then we have our portable mushrooms .

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So either with your hands or a pastry brush , just make sure that it's all covered and mix it around first and then go in with the pastry brush after and it doesn't need to be completely submerged in the marinade , obviously , because there's definitely not enough for that .

Just as long as it's completely covered , you're fine , just place it in the fridge for a minimum 30 minutes .

And for the sandwich recipe , I mean , this is also a great sandwich to make with leftover Portobello or I mean you can make the steak ahead of time as well .

The cheese dip that we're going to make or the cheese sauce also is great as a dip of course or you know , put it in a grilled cheese sandwich or put it on nachos .

It's really delicious .

And I'm not using salt or tamari in this marinade because a lot of steak spices , especially if their dry rubs have quite a bit of salt in them .

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So I don't wanna over salt it , but I'm just going to place these in this dish with the gill side up , put that in the fridge and let it marinade for 30 minutes or however long you want .

Alright , for the cooking part of this , we're going to kind of pre cook them before I put them on the barbecue .

Later .

The barbecue is amazing for that .

Chars smokey taste .

But I wanna get them flat first before they go on the barbecue so that they don't have to spend too much time on the barbecue .

So I'm heating up a frying pan .

I like to use a non stick for this and a pretty high heat .

And the key with mushrooms is that you don't want to crowd them in the pan or else they're never going to get that like really robust , like brown flavor and texture .

They're just gonna end up getting soggy because they're kind of steaming in their own liquid .

But I'm gonna throw them onto a piping hot pan .

Never throw your mushrooms on before it's super hot .

Or else you're not going to get the desired flavor and texture .

And then I'm going to squish them with my cast iron pan .

You can also do this in a cast iron pan .

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I just find because they're being kind of pressed and squished and flattened on a cast iron pan .

Sometimes they can stick one and you want to do this step side down .

So again , leaving lots of space between them .

All right , we're going to let them cook for kind of 3 to 5 ish minutes until they release some of their liquid .

Ok .

Now I'm going to take my heavy cast iron pan if you have , I don't know , a pot or a Dutch oven and you don't have a cast iron pan , use that .

And I'm gonna start by just kind of setting it on top and it's gonna naturally flatten before I add kind of some pressure and elbow grease to that for the barbecue sauce .

I mean , you can use whatever barbecue sauce is your favorite .

But in the spirit of , you know , Saint Patty's and the Irish , I'm going to use mine .

I'm going to make mine with Guinness .

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So starting off with some ketchup and we have some this here , of course , orange juice , orange zest spices , your typical paprika , garlic , onion , salt and pepper , brown sugar , Worcestershire and a brown or Dijon mustard .

And I'm just gonna put all of those into a tiny sauce pan and bring it to a boil and then let it simmer for about 10 minutes .

All right , that's been about two minutes .

I'm going to lift that off , gonna add a little bit of water to deglaze the pan a little bit and just adding that back on there .

I'm turning down the heat a little bit because it is quite hot .

So kind of like a medium .

That's what you want for the rest of this .

All right , I'm just gonna lift this up kinda if they're stuck to the bottom , get them off , move this and then come back here .

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So now I'm going to turn the heat back up just because it's not being pressed right to the pan .

And I'm going to cook that for another few minutes just until that liquid evaporates .

After your 10 minutes , you can add in the orange zest .

So now you can take your barbecue sauce and put it into a jar or Tupperware or however you want to store it and just let it cool while all of this is happening .

I'm going to work on the potatoes and the greens , cabbage and everything for the cannon .

So pretty much it's potatoes , greens .

It's usually kale or spinach or charred or cabbage .

But I like the combination of the kale and the cabbage .

They both have very different textures .

So I really like that and of course , it's mashed potatoes .

So we need butter , soya milk and of course spices .

Oh and there's green onions in that as well .

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So the first thing you want to do for your cannon is just heat up some water .

What we are going to do is blanche both the kale and the charred until they're bright green .

Set that aside .

And I'm just going to use like a sieve or something to take them out .

But we're going to use the same water for the potatoes .

But like cooking potatoes for anything else .

You want to make sure that you season your water .

So you only want to cook this for about 1 to 2 minutes or until it's bright green .

Right ?

Tossing in the potatoes .

Whoop .

Not gracefully at all .

I swear to God I haven't been drinking the Guinness .

I swear I just like to do things with gusto .

Alright .

I'm going to bring these back up to a boil and then cook them for about 15 minutes or until they are fork tender .

Ok .

So while all of this is happening , I'm heating up some olive oil in another pan to caramelize some onions and I'm going to start on the uh Guinness cheese sauce as well .

You can use vegan butter or margarine , whichever one is your favorite .

Ok .

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Now adding in our onions to caramelize them .

I like red onion mainly for the flavor and also just because of how pretty it looks on the sandwich .

But when you really , you can caramelize any onion that you want cheese sauce .

You need a roux .

Let's make a roux , flour butter , whisk ro .

So just whisk that constantly for about two minutes .

That should take a lot of the flour flavor out because it will be cooked while whisking .

I'm slowly going to start adding our Guinness .

I mean , you can really do this with any beer , but I like the uh the flavor of the Guinness specifically .

And if you're worried about alcohol content and cooking , we are actually cooking all of the alcohol out of the beer .

I've switched from a whisk to just a silicone spatula .

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You can also use of course a wooden spoon adding in some mustard , any mustard you want is fine .

Then once that's mixed in , I'm gonna turn down the heat to like a medium low and I'm going to add in my cheese .

So this is a combination of both cheddar and mozzarella .

You can do one or the other or a different type of cheese that you want .

Slowly .

I'm going to start adding in some vegan milk , whatever your favorite plant based milk use , your favorite use that um , when it comes to cooking , I definitely recommend soy or one of the like pea protein ones or even oat milk and then go in every once in a while and stir your onions .

So when you deglaze the pan , you get all of that nice caramelization off of the pan and into your onions .

Don't add brown sugar on top of it .

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You want that natural caramelization .

You don't have to add brown sugar or maple syrup or anything .

I mean , if you're doing it for the flavor fine , but I prefer just good old fashioned caramelizing onions .

You will most likely end up adding about a cup of whatever milk you're choosing , right .

Keep going until everything is melted right ?

When everything is ready , you've got your caramelized onions .

Your co cannon is about to go .

You've got your cheese sauce .

I then just like to add my Guinness Barbecue sauce because barbecue sauce is sweet , has sweet ingredients .

You're going to get a really nice caramelized char from the sauce .

All right .

Let's take this out to our Napoleon barbecue .

All right .

So I can see on my thermometer here on my barbecue where we are at .

Searing range .

That's exactly what I want .

Yeah , that searing sound .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um , the wave grill .

So , these grills , one of the reasons why I love them so much is because they're cast iron , the cast iron kind of acts like a non stick .

Um , It makes it a lot easier to remove and there's just so much space and it's so easy to use .

So we're gonna let those cook for a couple of minutes and then we're going to grill our buns .

I've just buttered them on each side .

Yeah .

One of my favorite things about the barbecue is how easy it is to light .

So my specific model that I love so much , which I think is really perfect for a two person household or more , especially if you love to entertain is the rogue 4 25 XT .

I'm completely obsessed with it .

It also has a side burner .

Ok .

Oh , and it tells you where the sizzle zone is .

That's exactly what we're going for .

That gorgeous char .

And then the second side probably we'll just need like a minute or two just gonna throw on my bums .

That is what we are going for .

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Let's put this thing together .

Mashed potatoes , you know what to do .

I like to do my mashed potatoes , mash .

My mashed potatoes with my rer I'm just gonna go ahead and toss those in there .

Oops , no lumps , please when I'm about half I of the way through .

So after this one , I like to go ahead and add my butter so it can start to melt .

But , um , so that's gonna just hang out there and melt .

All right .

So we can see here that the butter is melted depending on what kind of potatoes you use .

Um We'll kind of dictate how much uh milk you're using .

I'm using soy milk .

It adds like a nice nuttiness .

And also , again , it's high in protein .

So I'm just making sure that all of the potatoes have some butter , have some milk .

Now we're gonna add in a bit two thirds of our onions and then all of our cabbage and kale .

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And I also like to add a Sprinkle of parsley and then season with salt and pepper and you're good to go .

So the reason why I like to mix both cabbage and kale together is because I really like both the difference in texture and flavor .

But also the color like , I just love how vibrant and green the kale is , is now that everything's done more or less we can build our sandwich .

I have my Portobellos here .

I'm just going to slice them into .

The other option that you can do is also um with a fork shred them almost like a pulled pork or what you'll get is something like that .

I'm going to do a little bit of a drizzle of barbecue sauce because I am also adding barbecue sauce to the actual bun itself .

There we go .

All right , let's build some sandwiches .

So I like to add a little bit of that sauce on the bottom and then a handful of your favorite greens .

And then I like to do a nice pile of the mushrooms .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

A nice pile of the onions .

Then we're going to go in with our sauce .

All right , you guys there , we have a Saint Patty's Day inspired steak sandwich .

This is really fun to make .

And thank you so much to Napoleon for sponsoring today's video and continuing to sponsor us .

Here .

We love you .

He highlights um if you want more information about Napoleon , I'm going to leave a link to them in the description box down below .

If you are interested in grabbing yourself the same barbecue .

I have , I have the Rogue XT 4 25 and we're completely obsessed with it .

And the moment you've all been waiting for .

Mm .

Oh my God .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Every time I do one of these sandwich recipes or burger recipes , I'm like , this is my favorite one , but then I do another one and it's also my favorite one .

Holy .

If you would like to celebrate Saint Patty's , please be safe .

You can make this at home and you know , have a , have a Guinness have AAA green beer or a green smoothie .

All right .

So this is our Coal Cannon .

Yes , it is .

It's like super elevated mashed potatoes .

Like you might just be like , can you made mashed potatoes ?

No , it's better make the sandwich .

If you like these recipes .

Give this video a big thumbs up .

If you have recipe requests , please put them in the comment section down below .

I'm not getting as many requests as I usually do literally anything you want vegan .

I'll do it for you .

And if you're new here , hit that subscribe button and I'll see you next time .

Bye .


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