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2023-07-07 13:49:01

This Italian Pasta Dish Had A Tremendous Impact On Me... (Cacio e Peppe)

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what this is , Alex .

So today I wanna share with you what I believe to be arguably the most important pasta dish of all Italian cuisine .

Nothing , Sure , And in my opinion , it's also the key to understand the whole sauce slash uh , pasta situation .

I mean more on this later , but for the moment , please welcome it's the Italian name .

It stands for cheese and pepper .

Like what ?

Like grated cheese .

Yes , and pepper .

Black pepper .

Yes , it's a lot to take in .

To be honest , it's That's exactly how I felt about this dish before actually making it .

Because that dish only is apparently simple .

It's very tricky to master , but if you manage to do it , I can promise two things .

One , you'll get an absolutely exquisite experience , like something really luxurious .

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And two , The technique you're gonna learn within this recipe simply is a game changer and also a keeper .

Well , it's probably better if I show you what , like a great and amazing Pepe .

Looks like .

No , this is not your Pepe .

No , no , no , no , no , no , no .

No sense .

Mm , Not good .

Ah , this You see that silky smooth creaminess in between all the layers of pasta .

The show ?

OK , let's do it despite being very specific , extremely specific .

I mean , it's an Italian recipe .

Uh , the list of ingredients is super fru pasta .

Those are called peach .

You can also go for anyways .

You just wanna go for , you know , thick spaghetti cheese .

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This is pecorino cheese or cheese made with chips and milk .

If you wanna go with or Parmesan cheese instead , you can , however , you might miss on the funkiness of that cheese on the absolutely exquisite pairing with the next ingredient , black pepper .

So it's quite a common ingredient , but you wanna make sure that you're using freshly ground black pepper .

There sure is a difference , and also that you are not using it as a seasoning , but you know , as an integral part of flavour of this dish three ingredients .

The recipe is that frugal .

Five .

To be honest , because you also need to consider water , and so those are ingredients .

Let's now take a look at the ingredients .

Try to remember the picture on screen .

Good .

What is wrong ?

There's something wrong .

Mm , nothing is , is , is is striking to you .

Do you see butter ?

Do you see olive oil .

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Do you see eggs cream ?

Mm mm .

At the sheep flavour .

It's not bad .

It's just yes , thank you .

How are we supposed to get that silky creaminess ?

Where is it coming from ?

Where it's coming from somewhere ?

Well , as always , when feeling in doubt , let's head straight to the fridge .

I don't mean like , let's stuff our faces .

Let's just , you know , break down the science behind all this .

So , in a nutshell , the catch You pepper recipe is basically asking you the impossible .

It's asking you to square the circle .

It's asking you to mix melted cheese or fat and water and to turn the whole thing into a cream , which is a big problem because , as everybody knows , oil or fat and water don't mix .

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And you know that if you've been making a salad dressing before , that previous statement is both true and false at the same time .

True , because if you were to mix up even very vigorously oil and vinegar , then they would split eventually but inevitably , with the water sinking to the bottom and the oil floating on top .

But I guess also for since that same mixture of vinegar and oil can be made stable using an Immers like mustard , for example .

Does this mean that I'm gonna be using mustard and pipe and just watch the whole comment section being trampled down by angry Italian people ?

Now , luckily for us , there is another way to stabilise an immersion using a thickener , the thickening , the thickening .

It's sad , in our case , starch .

Quick set time .

There is a and Pepe recipe within my book .

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It's very didactic .

It's not super classic , though , since I'm using French Conte cheese instead of Italian pecorino cheese just so me .

It's a fully detailed , step by step recipe with all the measurements , all the proportions , everything .

If you wanna get this book and post the link in the description box down below .

Wow OK , let's cook those pasta as soon as you will master .

Catch you a Pepe just by adding one chile or a cheek bacon to it or just bacon .

You can make pasta not a super famous dish , but still an amazing one .

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And by adding tomatoes to that dish , you're gonna end up with like a super iconic dish and then from the same pasta , which comes from Pepe And just by adding eggs , you can make pasta carbonara .

This is just for drama purposes .

Do you understand now the power of Pepe , the impact it's gonna have on your life .

Culinary life ?

OK , still life ?

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No , no , no .

Hm .

It's very smooth .

It's very silky , and yet the pitchy .

Since they have such a wide section , they still are very Alden .

It's so creamy , it's it's It's hard to believe that there is no butter or cream or oil involved .

I could basically drink that .

I need to go back to making recipes more often now , I guess , as French as it might sound , I've got two complaints about this dish .

I mean , I'm French after all , So I got a bitch about something first , with the method I I've been showing you , which is very , very close to the traditional method .

It still is super easy to mess up this dish .

That's a shame .

I know it's the tradition .

I'm just stating that there might be a more efficient way to make this sauce .

The comment section is gonna be a wild place , and the second complaint is I think we can make this recipe just a bit better .

Easy , Slowly .

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Uh , just by using those ingredients in different ways and in a different order in the recipe .

Oh , I just said I can make a Pepe better .

Alex is messing up with the Italian tradition .

And that was the end of our comment section .

Rest in peace .

Come on .

Italian people .

You know I love you .

OK ?

And you also know if you've been following this channel for for for a bit that I do not bitch for free .

I'm definitely gonna man up in this recipe .

I'm gonna face those challenges .

And you you're gonna be the judge to see if I can make this recipe that better .

And of course , if that's not the case , I will just face my judgement .

It's gonna be a nightmare .

Anyway , guys , I hope you enjoyed this episode .

If you didn't please give this video a big thumbs up like it and share that everywhere have this like butter .

If you decide to make that dish , you will have my everlasting support .

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There is definitely a before and an after and my word on it You will be a better cook after mastering this pasta dish .

Take care .

Bye bye .


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