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2023-07-11 06:56:52

3 Techniques with Two-Hand Tapping _ Heavy Metal Guitar

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Two handed tapping was popularized initially by Eddie Van Hallen .

It was caught on and was used by a lot of different guitar players , including yours .

Truly .

I try not to use it too much because it has become somewhat of a cliche , but you can do some really cool stuff with it .

I want to start by looking at a lick loosely based on a piece by a former teacher of mine , Joe Satriani .

And this type of lick involves playing a power cord .

All right .

So I'm , it's all tapped .

So um with my left hand , I'm tapping the bottom two notes doing the same thing , but just reversed an octave higher .

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So everything is tapped the lick from Eddie Van Halen eruption , which is basically taking a triad and um hampering on all the notes and then pulling off with the right hand .

So once you're doing that , you have a lot of possibilities , you can shift your whole hand to the left to see what happens .

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I can lower the bottom note and now I can lower the top , you know , you can do any sort of a pattern with it .

So I'm gonna play um what I just played with full volume .

David .


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