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2023-07-07 13:44:39

How to make... One Pan Pasta!

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I want to introduce you to a pasta that could possibly change your life .

It is the easiest pasta recipe you will ever come across .

Inspired by the great Martha Stewart .

It only takes a few ingredients , and it's all done in one pot .

This is my one pot pasta with tomatoes , basil , all those brilliant , classic Italian flavours .

So it starts off with a little bit of chopping .

I've got some tomatoes which are already sliced .

I'm gonna slice up my garlic nice and thin .

And the beautiful thing about this recipe is that it all takes place in one pot .

So once you have all your ingredients ready to go , it's gonna cook pretty quickly .

So we've got garlic .

We've got a little bit of chilli .

You don't have to add the chilli if you don't want to , but I think it adds a nice touch of heat in a pasta sauce just like this .

The trick with this pasta , because it cooks so quickly , is to make sure that you have nice thin slices on your garlic , on your chilli and on your onion .

It just means that it's going to cook together quite quickly and quite fast , but you're also not going to get any of that raw flavour from any of those ingredients .

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So just nice thin slices on your chilli .

And then finally , that onion just take the tops and the ends off your onion and then just finally slice on the vertical .

You should be left with wafer thin slices of onion that is going to cook down and add so much richness to the sauce .

I have to admit that I was quite sceptical when I first came across this recipe , but it really works , having tried it , having tested it , it just comes together as something really luscious , creamy and satisfying in the sense that you get all those Italian flavours in one pot with very little effort .

We are in business .

We have the onion , we have the garlic and we have the chilli .

And now it's all about an assembly job .

I have a pan that's large and high sided , and I'm going straight in there with some pasta .

We're gonna start off with onions in one corner of the pan , stick in that chilli and the garlic .

Get in those tomatoes .

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I'm using cherry tomatoes here , and if you can get a mixture of colours all the better , but any tomatoes we do here , you just want something that's going to break down quickly .

So if you have larger tomatoes , just chop them up a little finer .

And then , for that truly authentic Italian taste , you have got to go in there with basil .

I'm going to use about half this bunch in the sauce at the start , and then I'm going to decorate it with some more at the very end .

So just tear off some of those leaves and then scatter them in and around this lovely looking pan , A good drizzle of olive oil going in here .

You just want a few gloves , season it up with some salt and some pepper .

There is something very satisfying about a dish that looks this good before you've even started cooking .

Now that we've got all that , it's time to get in there with our liquid .

You can use chicken stock here if you want to , but just regular water will do .

Let's pour that straight the way over , and now that's pretty much it .

That's all you've got to do .

Stick on the heat .

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This is going to cook out for about 10 minutes .

You need to continuously stir and just keep an eye on it to make sure everything breaks down .

It cooks out , and you get left with this brilliant pasta sauce .

This is now starting to come together .

It's come to the boil , and you just need to use the tongues and mush it about the place .

And what will happen is that pasta will swell up .

It'll take on a little bit of the liquid .

The tomatoes mush down .

You've got all the flavour of the onion , and basically what you'll be left with is a silky smooth pasta sauce , which is just epic .

The only piece of advice I will give you while making this is keep your eye on it and use that tongue just to make sure that everything cooks through .

I mean , it's only gonna cook for 10 minutes , so you do need to keep an eye on it .

This is exactly what you're after .

That silky sauce that perfectly cooked pasta , and now to finish it off , I'm just going to grate some pecorino cheese over the top .

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The trick here is to grate the pecorino in give it a last stir , and it actually helps to bring the sauce together with that bit of creamy cheese running through it .

That should do me .

Give it a last good stir through .

And don't forget some of that fresh basil .

Just tear in those leaves .

That last little hit of fresh basil will just make all the difference .

Give it a last little stir , and the liquid that's in this pan has come together with the starchiness from the pasta to create a really velvety tomato sauce .

So this is looking pretty good .

I'm going to give it one last season with a bit of black pepper , and now it is time to serve .

This is where I get a little bit excited .

We've only had 10 minutes in a pan , and you get left with the most creamy and luscious looking sauce .

The tomatoes have broken down .

The sweetness is just going to add so much to this sauce .

So now all that's left to do is to dive in and try some .

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This is why this is so amazing .

In very short amount of time , you have a perfect plate of pasta .

It is creamy .

It's delicious .

It has all the flavours of Italy in one bite .

Italians , please look away .

Because this is probably not the classic way to cook this , but it is so , so good .

If you want the recipe , you can check it out in the box below .

Over on my website , make sure to subscribe to this channel for lots more delicious pasta recipes like this video , share it with your friends .

And of course , leave me a comment in the box below , letting me know if you're going to try this delicious pasta .

Until then , my friends happy pasta making and I'll see you soon .


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