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2023-07-10 08:51:16

How To Make Perfect Rice In Microwave (Microwave Rice) - Cook Rice in 10 Mts _ MadhurasRecipe

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Hello , friends .

I'm Mathura .

Welcome to Madura recipe dot com .

Today , I'm making a rice that is a plain rice in microwave .

Now , it's really quite tedious process to cook a nice uh separated Long Grace rice over a stir or cook top .

So today I'm gonna show you simplified process to cook this rice in microwave .

So to start with the process over here in a bowl , I have taken a cup of long grain rice .

So what I have done here basically is I have rind or washed this rice 2 to 3 times under a running water .

Uh Then uh I have soaked that in enough water for half an hour .

After half an hour , I have removed all the excess water from the soaked rice .

Now take this into a microwave safe dish .

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So here I'm using this nice and wide microwave safe dish so that uh this uh rice cooks nice .

And even so for a cup of rice that's been soaked for half an hour , I'm ready a cup and half of water .

I'm not going to double the quantity of water as uh rice itself has absorbed enough water while in the soaking process goes in salt for taste and just around half teaspoon of clarified butter .

OK .

This butter gives really nice aroma and taste to any rice .

Give that a stir .

And this uh key also helps to keep this rice cream separated .

I close this up .

And I'm going to micro this over half of my , my microwave is 900 watts and it takes around 10 minutes .

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So I'm going to micro it at highest possible temperature for exactly 10 minutes .

So over here , I have cooked this rice in a microwave for exactly 10 minutes .

Now , I'm not going to open the cover as soon as it's out of my curve .

Instead , we are going to allow it to rest for another 10 minutes .

So that uh this rice gets nice and evenly cooked in its own steam .

So we have to wait for another 10 minutes .

And over here this rice has been rested for exactly 10 minutes .

Let's open this up and check that out .

Let's open the cover .

Who look at that ?

This rice is very well cooked and just you that and just with the help of food , just try to separate out rice .

Look at that .

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This rice has turned nice and separated .

Look at the grain of rice and it has , it has not turned greasy at all .

Perfect .

So it's really easy and quick to cook rice in microwave that without making it too sticky or mushy , you can even use this rice to prepare the fried rice for making biryani .

It's really quick and it's a way if you like this video , please hit the like button .

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Thank you for watching .

See you soon .

Bye bye .


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