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2023-07-10 08:52:59

How to Cook Wild Rice

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Hi , I'm Chef Cesar .

Welcome to learn to cook dot com .

Today , I'm gonna be cooking a wild rice .

Reality is not rice .

This is a , uh , water grass .

It's native to North America , especially around the Great Lakes area .

And , uh , Canada , this was a staple for the American Indians .

And today we're gonna cook a wild rice with some vegetables and , uh , we're gonna bake it in the oven instead of , you know , cook it on the stove top .

So we're gonna start with our ingredients and start cooking on the stove right now .

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We're gonna start ourselves taking our vegetables which are carrots , onions and , uh , some , uh , celery , put some olive oil or onions , some garlic .

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Yeah , we have the carrots and celery next .

Yeah .

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Ok .

Right .

You wanna add our chicken stock there ?

A rice mixture .

Now , some chopped parsley .

You got two little cubes of chicken base .

If you got chicken , uh , base powder , you can put a couple of tablespoons of there .

Now , it's coming to a boil , transfer into a bacon dish .

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We're gonna bake this at 3 50 for about 30 35 minutes .

Now we're ready to go in the oven with our rice .

Here we have a wild rice that's finally done , took out the oven and uh this is a finished product .

You can serve us in any dinner dish with like steak or chicken and whatever you you like .

Thank you for joining me today .

See you next time .

Well , thanks for joining us today at learn to cook dot com .

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Have a great day and thank you .


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