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2023-07-08 09:06:12

How to Make Orzo _ Easy Pasta Recipes _ You Can Cook That

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What is Orzo ?

And how do you cook it ?

Orzo might look like rice , but it's actually pasta .

You could see how people could get confused because it does look just like rice .

The good news is it cooks in half the time .

Now , let me show you how easy it is to make the most straightforward way to make orzo is to cook it like pasta .

We're gonna bring a pot of water to a boil salt it well , and then stir in our orzo and cook it 8 to 10 minutes .

You will cook your orzo the traditional way until it's al dente just like pasta , which means there's a little bit of bite left in it and then it's ready to use .

You can just simply toss it with a little butter and cheese or toss it with your favorite sauce .

Turn it into pasta salad or like what I'm gonna do .

Add it to chicken noodle soup .

It's my kid's favorite noodle and chicken noodle soup .

The next way to cook your orzo is just like rice .

You can bring your water to a boil , stir in your orzo and then let it simmer cover just like you would rice or you can cook rice .

My favorite way , which is a Pelo method .

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I like the pea method better because it incorporates more flavor and there's less of a chance of the pasta sticking together .

So to cook this orzo like rice pea lof , we're gonna start by melting a little butter and sauteing some aromatics .

All you're doing here is your saute your grains in a little bit of fat .

This is going to keep them separated while they cook , making it nice and fluffy .

In the end , a good time to cook your orzo like rice is a when you don't have rice and b when you're a little short on time , this peel lof is gonna cook in about half the time as rice would .

Now we'll finish it up just like you would rice .

Either way , we're gonna bring it to a simmer cover and let it cook until all the liquid is absorbed .

It's been about 12 minutes and our peel loaf is done .

This is the perfect side dish for any week night or special occasion .

In my opinion , the best thing to do with orzo is turn it into risotto using orzo to make risotto is going to turn out just as creamy rich and delicious .

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It's also going to cook in about half the time as Arborio rice and it's a fraction of the cost of Arborio rice .

Risotto starts out just like we did the rice peel off by sauteing some aromatics , just garlic and onion .

You could add mushrooms at this point or whatever your heart desires .

I'm gonna keep it simple with just a little garlic and onion , just like the pe lof .

We're going to saute the grains as well in the aromatics and fat .

This will keep them separated as they cook .

You also want to season with salt in the beginning of the cooking process .

I'm using an unsalted broth .

So you wanna get your salt in at the beginning so that it can be absorbed into the orzo .

You don't just want to stir it in at the end .

Unlike what we did with the peel off method , we are going to add the liquid gradually just like you do .

When you make regular risotto as the starches come out , it's getting super creamy .

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We just keep adding a little liquid , let it absorb until pretty much the liquid is gone or until the Orzo is at that al dente texture just before it's done .

I'm gonna finish it off with some frozen green peas and Parmesan cheese .

This is a great way to turn a $1 box into a meal fit for company .

What's your favorite way to eat ?

Orzo ?

Let me know in the comments below .

In the meantime , don't forget to subscribe to all recipes on youtube , Instagram and Facebook .

When it comes to Orzo , you can cook that Orzo Orzo Orzo Dance , Orzo Dance .

Get excited .

For Orzo ?

All right .


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