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How to play Hostage Chess

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Your pawn in the center may capture to any adjacent space on your opponent's half of the board .

You cannot capture backwards to any adjacent space on your own side of the board .

Pawns are not allowed the initial two step move nor are they allowed to perform on Passon .

Pawns are promoted when they move to any of the opponents rear rank starting positions .

Pawns may promote to either a horse bishop rook or diplomat .

Rooks can move laterally around the ring as many spaces as are available , but they may not end a move in the same space .

It started .

The rook can travel through the center in a single move to a space on the opposite side or it can stop in the center .

A rook in the center space can reach any space on the board in a straight line outwards unless its path is obstructed by another piece , you are not allowed to castle .

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A hostage exchange may not be refused by your opponent .

After you drop the released prisoner , your turn ends on your turn .

Instead of moving , you may drop any piece that is in your airfield .

You may drop pieces to any empty space on the board .

You may drop a piece to give check or checkmate , you may not drop a pawn on the first or last row .

If you drop a pawn on the second row , that pawn is allowed the two step move option .

You may not use an Pasan .

When a pa is dropped , your pawns may only be promoted to pieces higher than the pawn .

If that piece is available in your opponent's prison , you pick which piece to promote to and replace that pawn with that piece in your opponent's prison .

Captured , promoted pieces are placed in the prison and treated as that piece .

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The bishop's diagonal movement travels through the opposite corner of the space the piece entered , you may not change directions mid move , the bishop may travel through the center to do so .

The bishop travels in a straight line across the center to the opposite color then diagonally in the same diagonal direction that it began .

The move with .

It is as if the two adjacent spaces of the center are the same space .

If the bishop started the move adjacent to the center , then it travels directly across the center to the other side , then it may travel diagonally in either direction towards the outside of the board .

A bishop in the center space can reach any space on the board in a diagonal outward line .


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