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2023-07-09 14:26:24

How to cook PILAU _ How to cook pilau with meat _ Pilau rice recipe _ PILAU {Swahili Goat Pilau}

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I'm gonna spread all over it and we use all the marinade used for the chicken too .

So we add everything to the rice just to make sure the chicken will be spread out into one layer .

So that they would cook evenly .

OK ?

And all the juice from your will be back .

We cover with both lists and then put the donut there , all the gas to top and you turn the heat to set the heat to medium high .

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So now it's like you see the nice crust in on the bottom .

So this is very special .

So you fluck very gently .

Then I'm gonna serve this .

Now , chicken garnish this just the and you sliced .

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So I'm simply going to brown my meat on all the sides .

This will take about 3 to 5 minutes thereabouts .

So I'm just going to keep turning it .

And as you can see , some of the sites have already formed that brown lay that I want and this is also going to add some flavor to the oil .

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It says , yeah , because this is some CS , the chicken ginger rice is ready .

Hm .

Those are happy .

Don't happy life .

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So once we are approaching at this point , I'm going to do in my ginger and I'm going to cook this for about a minute , then I can go in with my garlic .

So now at this point , you can see that my onions have all become gold and brown and this is the color that you want .

Not anything darker than this because your pillow is going to become bitter .

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So at this point , I'll go in with my me and I'm just going to mix this in and then I'm just going to let it cook for about a minute .

And in the meantime , I'm going to be washing my rice .

So now it's at this point that I go in with my pillow masala and I'm just going to add about 1.5 teaspoons , toast this in and once it starts becoming pregnant , I'll go in with my rice .

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So we probably remember to watch the Yeah , I'll add some salt and then I'll go in with my water .

So always remember to wash your eyes until your water runs clear and that is going to help it .

Then always remember to measure your water to rise and measure my water to rise ratio in the ratio of two cups of water , one cup of rice .

So I'll add my second cup of water and I've added cold water and you can see the deep color that we always want in our pillow .

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So I'm just going to cover this and let it cook till the rice is ready .

But before it's ready , I'm going to be back .

So now that my rice is almost ready , I'm just going to cover it with the foil because my lid is not airtight and this is just to make sure that the rice , I'm also going to reduce the heat to the lowest and let it in for about 10 more minutes .

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So guys , this is how I'm celebrating my 10,000 subscribers .

And if you reach to this part of the video , please make sure that you watch another extra one or two videos or even three or even four and I'll appreciate it .

So I served mine with some stew that has some goat meat and some potatoes .

I have a banana .

I have some and all these recipes you can bring them up on my channel .

I also have some fresh tropical juice and yeah , let's dig in .

So you can see how and that's what we always want .

Mm mm mm .

The flavors and the costume .

Hm .

Wow .

Wow .

Mm .

Mm .

And the kauri it's well chilled .

So let me have a taste .

Hm .

Hm .

Hm .

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It's just perfect .

Well , this whole combination .

Mhm .

Uh So .

Mhm Wow .

This is so good and so refreshing .

So that's it for today's episode .

I hope you enjoyed it .

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Don't forget to like comment , share and subscribe if you haven't also watch two more videos and I'll definitely see you next time .

Bye .


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